The Keys to Profitability: Navigating Financial Challenges

By Phillip Lanos Phillip Lanos has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 19, 2023

Raising capital is an obstacle all startups must overcome, but there is a particular segment of entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their businesses and have a dream that outweighs their business savvy. These individuals might have a passion for their industry but struggle to watch their bottom line, hindering their ability to achieve their vision. That is where Startup Show’s latest guest, Bill Litster, the president of Better Biz Info, steps in to help these entrepreneurs turn their dreams into profitable realities.

Bill specializes in working with small to medium-sized businesses, particularly in the music industry. Many of these business owners start their ventures with the dream of sharing their love of music with the world but quickly find themselves struggling to make ends meet, unable to pay themselves or even put food on the table. Bill’s mission is to help them solve their financial challenges, become profitable, and live the dreams they initially set out to achieve.

One key point Bill discussed during the conversation is the importance of scaling. Many entrepreneurs believe that if they could just sell more, their problems would be solved. However, he emphasizes that profitability must come first before scaling can be successful. It’s crucial to understand where the business stands financially, price offerings accordingly, and ensure that each deal generates a positive profit. Only then can entrepreneurs confidently scale their operations and reach their desired goals.

Visibility and understanding of financial numbers are also essential for profitability. Bill compares it to driving a car, stating that looking in the rearview mirror (tracking past financial data) won’t help entrepreneurs reach their destination. Instead, they need to focus on where they are currently and where they want to go. By having visibility into their financials and understanding what the numbers mean, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions and steer their businesses toward profitability.

There is also a mindset requirement where profitability is concerned. Entrepreneurs often blame themselves when their businesses struggle, feeling like failures. But it’s not the individual who is failing. Rather, the system they are using is failing. Implementing the right tools and systems is how entrepreneurs can make their money work for them and achieve success. Profitability is a mindset and an understanding that, with the right strategies, anyone can turn their business around.

During the discussion, Bill also addressed the misconception that in order to make more money, one must spend more money. There are processes and strategies that can be implemented without significant financial investments. By focusing on profitability first, entrepreneurs can generate the resources needed to invest in growth and scale their businesses effectively.

In the changing landscape of business, particularly in the music industry, Bill acknowledges the shift towards digital platforms. While brick-and-mortar businesses still exist, the ability to reach a wider audience digitally has become increasingly valuable. Entrepreneurs can leverage digital platforms to expand their reach, sell their products, and offer online services. This scalability opens up new opportunities for growth and success.

Bill’s journey as an entrepreneur and his personal experiences have shaped his mission to help others avoid the struggles he faced. He understands the challenges of running a business and the impact it can have on one’s personal life. Through his consulting services, he aims to provide entrepreneurs with the tools, guidance, and mindset shift needed to achieve profitability and live their dreams.

For those interested in learning more, Better Biz Info offers free webinars on profit management and profitability. These webinars provide fundamental steps to create permanent profitability in businesses. Additionally, Bill encourages entrepreneurs to read the book “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz, which aligns with his approach to profitability.

By Phillip Lanos Phillip Lanos has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Phillip Lanos is the host of Grit Daily Startup Show, a renowned self-help author, personal brand manager, and digital marketing expert. With over 2,000 interviews with industry leaders, Phillip is a seasoned voice in the entrepreneurial world. Featured on platforms like Entrepreneur and Inc Magazine, Phillip brings a wealth of experience and insight to every conversation.

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