Kerrie Campbell Shares the Top 3 Tips for Leaders to Avoid Burnout

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 5, 2023

If one word is at the tip of every business leader’s tongue right now, it’s burnout. People are quickly awakening to the idea that working to mental exhaustion can be as counterproductive as not working at all. Not only does it cause tiredness and a lack of inspiration, but burnout in leaders can cause them to lose track of their true purpose and desires.

Are you one of the women trying to achieve your goals but constantly feeling overwhelmed by responsibility? Kerrie Campbell, the founder of Live Your Sensational Life, believes reconnecting with your authentic self is one of the codes for success in your personal and professional life.

“Career-driven women, mothers, and leaders are experiencing burnout because of the pressure to conform to societal expectations, juggle multiple roles and strive for perfection,” she says. “But you can break free by leaning into your unique codes and creating success in your own way. You can thrive in life, not just survive.”

For those who experience burnout daily, transformational coaching could be the only way forward. Here are Kerrie’s three best pieces of advice to let go of the constraints that are holding you back:

1. Go with your gut

It’s controversial, especially in an age full of readily-available information, but there’s no mistaking the power of instinct. Kerrie believes that the gut feeling has been lost, especially among women, and that transformational coaching could be the key to returning to your authentic self and preventing burnout.

“Stop overriding your inner knowing and intuition,” the coach and certified clinical hypnotherapist states. “Usually, we know deep down what is correct for us, but we don’t always follow it because we subconsciously worry about other people’s opinions, judgment, and expectations. Learn to tune into your gut feeling and start following it.”

But you may be so burnt out that you’ve lost the sense of what’s best for you. In that case, Kerrie suggests getting a Human Design reading.  Similar to personality profiling assessments but more objective, Human Design can show us how we’re personally designed to work, make decisions, and avoid burnout.  This helps you to use your energy wisely, restore your authentic decision-making process and the authority to triumph over burnout.

2. Take a break

Too often in today’s world, we conflate genuine rest with passive work, which can significantly contribute to burnout. Even if you don’t realize it, you may not have switched your brain off for hours, even days at a time. Regular relaxation activities can be vital codes for success, especially for women with multiple responsibilities.

“Give your brain and nervous system a rest,” Kerrie says. “When we lead overly busy lives, our brain ends up in a high beta brainwave state, which leads to our nervous system being in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze. You should give your brain a mental break daily to help manage your emotional reactions and increase your strategic and creative thinking abilities.”

A holiday by the beach in Hawaii isn’t always necessary. Simple mindfulness exercises, meditation, or breathwork for 15-30 minutes are often enough to reset your mindset and prevent burnout in leaders.

3. Live your best life

It’s no surprise that the founder of Live Your Sensational Life advocates for living your most authentic self. If you’ve relieved yourself from outside influences and restructured your schedule to account for breaks, aligning yourself closer to your desires should be much easier.

The first thing to do is fully commit to living your best life, taking the necessary steps to realize it. Then, you can identify the patterns, beliefs, and barriers standing in your way and challenge them with your newfound empowerment.

“One method is to think about the future version of yourself that has everything you want, has reached your goals, and has the confidence and success you desire,” the Florida-based Australian, qualified in transformational coaching, says. “Make every decision from that perspective. The fears will still be there, but you will learn to feel them, process them and keep moving forward.”

Kerrie Campbell’s tips are not just adjustments for a better life but part of a broader vision. Reducing burnout in leaders is the first step to securing a new paradigm of heart-centered business and leadership.

As more people tap into their authentic selves, the world opens up, with individuals’ natural gifts and talents on full display. Openness means people connect on a deeper level, which allows collaboration—the foundation of business—to thrive more than ever.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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