Kendall Jenner’s Latest Scheme Proves Kardashian’s Are Out Of Touch

Published on January 12, 2019

It’s no surprise, the Kardashian’s have absolutely no idea how to be normal people. Despite their hardcore efforts to come across as just another typical American family in their reality TV show, their actions prove otherwise. We may hail Kris Jenner to be the marketing genius behind her family’s wild success. But the common faux pas regarding Kendall Jenner’s fame proves that mommy doesn’t always know what’s best.

Pepsi Ad

The world was just beginning to get over Kendall Jenner’s cringe-worthy ad for Pepsi that was released last year. In the ad, Kendall can be seen leading a Black Lives Matter rally with a smile on her face. When confronted with the police, the model simply hands one a can of Pepsi and all of the tension is gone. It’s as if the company is trying to say that its soda can bring world peace. The ad was not received well among the public. Given the timing of its release when many Black Lives Matter rallies were ending in violence and destruction, it was in extremely poor taste to make light of the situation.

Pepsi immediately took the ad off air and apologized for its idiotic decisions, but Kendall was not out of the dark yet. The model addressed the issue on the Kardashian’s television show after her public apology. Crying on camera, Jenner said she had high hopes for the Pepsi project but ultimately regrets taking the gig because it ended so badly. While this one may not exactly be her fault, it seems strange that no one could have said anything to criticize the project before its release.

More Negative Press

The backlash over the Pepsi ad was beginning to quiet down. Jenner proved to be just as tone deaf yet again, though, just before the Golden Globe Awards this year. The night before the event, momager Kris Jenner posted a long-winded announcement on her Instagram page. “I’m so proud of @kendalljenner for being so brave and vulnerable,” the post begins. The post continues to tease a potentially shocking reveal about her daughter during the Golden Globe Awards the next day. Jenner teased that her supermodel daughter would be revealing something raw and powerful about her past. This ledd fans to believe that Jenner would be speaking up about something like mental illness or sexual abuse.

The reveal turned out to be no such thing, but was instead a paid sponsorship for Proactiv. Fans tweeted out their distaste for the execution of the announcement. Social media users criticized the star for being so out of touch. The announcement of the spokesperson deal seemed to do more harm than good for Jenner’s public relations. But we can safely assume this is just another plot point in the making for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


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