Kanye West’s Yeezy Apparel and Gap are Finally Teaming Up

Published on June 26, 2020

Kanye West and Gap are joining forces for the good of fashion. The deal has been in the works for over seven years. West and Gap tried to first work together around 2013, but West said “politics” were why a deal was never struck. After years of trying, West and Gap have come to an agreement.

The Deal

West’s Yeezy apparel brand will be in Gap stores starting in 2021. As for the famously hard to get but overhyped Yeezy sneakers, those aren’t a part of the deal. The deal is a nice twist of fate for West, who worked at Gap in his teens and rapped about the store in his already legendary debut album, College Dropout. In a statement, Gap recognize the circularity of the deal: 

“This partnership brings the relationship between West and Gap full circle, as Kanye worked in a Gap store as a teen growing up in Chicago. Since then, West has become a disruptive force across music, footwear, fashion, architecture and more. This new partnership will introduce both the Gap and YEEZY brands to new audiences.”

A Gap representative added: 

We are excited to welcome Kanye back to the Gap family as a creative visionary, building on the aesthetic and success of his YEEZY brand and together defining a next-level retail partnership.

After the deal was announced today, Gap shares went up 16%.

Accessible Pricing

Yeezy footwear does not come cheap. They sellout fast, too. According to Gap, however, Yeezy apparel will be affordable. The press release revealed Yeezy apparel “will develop the new line to deliver modern, elevated basics for men, women and kids at accessible price points.” The clothes will be made available to purchase in 2021. West teased a design in a photo that doesn’t raise much excitement: 

A Good Deal for Gap

Gap’s business has been seriously hurt by the coronavirus. With over 1,000 stores having to shut down and with business still slow, the company needs a boost. Yeezy might be that boost. It’s mutually beneficial, though, since a lot of people have no idea what Yeezy is. Anyone who knows Kanye West and music, of course, does, but most people in the United States — they have no clue. With Gap, West could make Yeezy bigger and more of a presence in American fashion and pop culture. Once the clothes line starts selling, Yeezy will get Gap stock and receive royalties. 

The Footwear Clarification 

West already has a partner in Yeezy footwear with Adidas. It sounds unlikely they’ll ever appear in a Gap store for that reason, but really, people who can’t afford the shoes or have a chance to buy them, they’re not missing out. Kanye West looks good in Yeezys, but not everyone does. They’re strangely eyesores from West, who expresses great style and taste in his music and music videos. 

Yeezys are purchased for the name and reputation, not the quality or the aesthetic. Hopefully, Yeezy apparel has more to offer than the name. After the last few years West has had in the eyes of pop culture and American public, it’ll be interesting to see if Yeezy apparel becomes a big hit or not. West has polarized his fanbase with his new music and support of Donald Trump, Candace Owens, and others, but horrible opinions aside, he’s still a great artist, both popular yet experimental. 

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