Justin Bieber Docuseries Will Hit YouTube in January

Published on January 2, 2020

Justin Bieber isn’t wasting any time in 2020. Just days after Beiber announced his 2020 tour and his new single “Yummy”, the singer revealed his new YouTube docuseries, “Justin Bieber: Seasons,” will premiere on Jan. 27.

The series will be 10 parts and will premiere two episodes every Monday and Wednesday. According to Variety, each episode will cost YouTube around $2 million each which equates to $20 million total. So, Bieber’s “Season’s” could very well be YouTube Original Content’s biggest purchase ever.

“For the very first time, the world’s biggest superstar, Justin Bieber, is pulling back the curtain and giving fans an intimate look into the past few years of his life,” reads the series’ description. “From the joys of marriage to the struggles through difficult seasons, Justin opens up to reveal his biggest challenges as he gets back into the studio to record his first album since 2015.”

YouTube’s global head of original content Susanne Daniels said that Bieber’s “inspiring story” and “courage as an artist” drew the brand to the project. She said YouTube Originals “[aims] to spotlight authentic struggles and real-life triumphs.”

The Beiber-YouTube match-up is perfect considering the singer got his start on the video-streaming platform. His now-manager Scooter Bruan saw videos of him singing Ne-Yo covers and the rest was history.

What’s The Series About?

Bieber dropped a trailer along with his docuseries announcement. It depicts the singer reflecting on his four-year break and growth since then. He talks about how he’s been through “good seasons” and “bad seasons” in life, but he’s ready to show the world who he really is.

“No one’s ever grown up in the history of humanity like Justin Bieber,” Braun said in the trailer.

Several clips show the singer working on new music, but others seem to offer a closer look into his life. There are flashes of his wedding to now-wife Hailey Bieber. It looks as though she will play a big role in the docuseries.

“There’s a lot of pressure that I think people don’t see,” Hailey said in the trailer. “Maybe by watching this people will kind of get a glimpse into his world.”

So far, the reaction to Bieber’s come-back has been rather positive. The trailer for the docuseries has over 4 million views and over 359,000 likes. With less than 24 hours until his new single “Yummy” drops, fans are beginning to express their excitement on Twitter.

One person tweeted: “after 4 agonizing years…we are finally getting yummy tomorrow. the feeling of excitement and happiness has been racing through my body. can’t wait to see what this era has in store for us @justinbieber @scooterbraun”

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