Josh Carney, Arnold Connell, and 3 Time NFL Super Bowl Winner Michael Irvin Launching New Sports Social Networking Platform

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 16, 2022

There is no denying that tech innovations continue to impact many types of industries – including the world of sports. One recent innovation is working to bring all sports content directly into one unified platform for fans – and its pending launch will come just in time for the Super Bowl. 

Hotake is the first major social networking platform fully dedicated to the entire world of all types of sports and its fans. It is a major all-inclusive sports social media platform will give fans — all sports all of the time. This platform brings together everyone, from A-list athletes, sports fans, commentators, and everyday sports content creators, to discuss sporting  events, sports highlights and even engage in some eSports activities. And unlike other popular content platforms, like YouTube, users don’t have to comb through all sorts of content just to find what they seek. This platform is strictly for sports content, meaning it won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Michael Irvin

Hotake is the brainchild of Josh Carney, Arnold Connell, and three time NFL SuperBowl winner Michael Irvin, all of which have incredibly impressive achievements in the world of sports and tech. The company’s CEO, Josh Carney,  is a Fortune 500 Marketing Executive, serial entrepreneur, and national fantasy sports radio analyst. Arnold Connell has previously worked as the Senior Lead Engineer for Google and served as a co-creator of YouTube TV. And Michael Irvin is an NFL Hall of Fame member with an impressive record in the sport. Irvin is also featured in a variety of sports programming, including the NFL Network and ESPN. Taken together, this powerhouse team has the right skills and expertise to create Hotake, the ultimate mobile and web-based social media platform for sports fans.  

The founders hoped to bridge the gaps they saw in the world of sports related to content discoverability and the dialogue surrounding sports events. Typically, sports fans struggle to have their opinion heard on traditional social media platforms. Many fans spend years tweeting to a small group of followers or expend a ton of effort on creating a short video that has almost no chance of being featured on a search engine’s suggested content list. These traditional platforms have so much non-sports related content it’s difficult to stand out or have your content discovered by others. 

Hotake was created to bridge this gap. By launching the first-ever major social media platform designed specifically with fans and sports content in mind. It is a place where fans can share opinions, start conversations, launch their own shows, debate with other fans, and create communities without having to wade through all of the ‘clutter’ found in other major social media platforms. Hotake’s algorithm is also designed to highlight content related to the teams and sports each unique user is interested in. This allows content creators to ensure that their content will be seen, making it much easier to grow a following that includes other individuals interested in the same things. 

Hotake also has unique features that help sports fans and content creators get better engagement. For instance, fans can create their own sports programming, host audio-only rooms, create short-form video posts, live-commentary the game for their favorite team, leave comments on any content posted, and be able to interact directly with athletes, brands, and celebrities. Another feature of Hotake is the addition of a text-based content feature built for sports fans looking for an alternative to Twitter. It has all the features that sports fans want, without the noise found on other platforms – and its intuitive platform is easy to navigate. The founders sum this up by stating, “We feel that we’ve built something special and unique that will feel familiar to the typical user but offer an improved experience for most.”

And finally, Hotake offers a chance for users to monetize their content. Platforms like Twitch and OnlyFans have shown the world how some content creators can make a living by leveraging social media. Now, this option is available to sports content creators, designed to take their experience to another level. The platform has several monetization components, including a premium subscription option that allows users to set the pricing for premium content and a competitive revenue-sharing model related to advertising. Hotake not only allows users to be discovered, it also offers a way for them to monetize their hard work. 

With major tech innovations being introduced daily, it can be easy to overlook any single innovation. But Hotake is poised to take the sports world by storm by creating an entire digital world that is all sports, all of the time. It’s a sports lover’s paradise!

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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