Jordan Whittenburg Shares 3 Lessons From Real Estate and Basketball

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 6, 2023

You might think the only thing basketball and real estate have in common is the amount of hoops you have to get through to be successful. But the sometimes daunting world of real estate might have more to do with the second most popular sport in the United States than you initially realize. One entrepreneur, growing in prominence due to his eclectic projects in creative finance and real estate success, is spreading the wisdom gained during his time on the court throughout the business community.

Enter Jordan Whittenburg.  Focusing beyond closing deals with traditional financing, he was recently featured as a Top 10 Real Estate Agent in the state of Idaho, but he presents insight far beyond the scope of property ownership. What he’s gained through his career in sports could be the key to unlocking unparalleled success in the real estate space.

His current position as the Founder of Green Light Enterprises encompasses various business ventures, including Green Light Real Estate, Green Light Consulting, Green Light Basketball, and Green Light Mentality.  These entrepreneurial pursuits were preceded by four years of college basketball, where he earned All-Conference honors as a star shooting guard at Northwest Christian University in Oregon before competing with multiple semi-pro teams. The following decade saw Whittenburg work as a coach, trainer, and teacher before eventually applying his acquired skills to real estate, investing, and carving out a niche focused around off-market deals with creative finance strategies that have set him apart in his value proposition to prospective clients.  He also recently accepted a high school basketball coaching position with Ambrose High School in Meridian, Idaho to continue that passion, serving local youth alongside his business ambitions in real estate.

“There’s a strong connection between my basketball career and what I’m working toward in business building and real estate,” he offers. “Dealing with adversity in sports has prepared me for unique challenges in business.  My faith in the Lord has been my foundation.  I’ve found that having breakthrough moments and earning my confidence in each field require the same recipe of preparation, resilience, and competitiveness .” 

Now developing a friendship with real estate entrepreneur and best-selling author of “Wealth Without Cash”, Pace Morby, as well as pursuing projects in podcasting and writing, Whittenburg offered to share three of his biggest takeaways from his time in basketball as a player and coach:

1. Be on the Right Side of Regret

“Discipline weighs ounces, but regret weighs tons,” he recalls from Tony Robbins. “Looking at life choices through the lens of avoiding regret helps me with decision-making. I don’t just consider what I would regret doing, but even more so what I’d regret not doing, or even trying. When I get others to consider that question, it can help bring some clarity.”

This mantra applies on the court and in real estate. During his basketball career, Whittenburg faced numerous challenges and setbacks but understood that discipline and perseverance were key in overcoming adversity as he was constantly looking for ways to get better. 

Meanwhile, in real estate, the decisions made during property transactions can have far-reaching consequences. Whittenburg’s disciplined approach is evident in his track record of successful deals and numerous five-star client reviews. In the same vein, considering potential regrets enables buyers and sellers to make informed choices that align with their long-term goals.

2. Give Generously, Gain Greatly

In basketball, success often reflects the effort and commitment put into studying the game, training, and practicing. Whittenburg understands that the same principles resonate in real estate. He never stops learning so that when a complex deal arises, he’ll have the tools to achieve the client’s ideal outcome. 

“I’ve always been a student of the game, no matter what I’m playing, and consistently found that I get out what I put in,” he states. “Whatever someone is looking to get out of a situation, they’re better off first considering what they have to give and what value they can provide, coming from a place of contribution. Whether it’s a real estate client or coaching a player on the team, getting people the results they’re looking for starts with bringing something valuable to the table and then giving your best from there.”

Where an athlete must maximize their skills and mental toughness to reach peak performance, a real estate pro creates an advantage in the market by attending conferences, networking, and learning from industry leaders. Later this year, Whittenburg will visit Pace Morby in Arizona following the success of the industry leader’s landmark book on creative real estate investment strategies. The entrepreneur has already learned a lot from his mentor, including the commonly overlooked areas of seller finance and subject-to-strategies.

3. Choose Credible Counsel

“Don’t take advice from someone who isn’t where you want to be or who hasn’t gotten the results you’re looking for,” said Whittenburg. “There is a lot of noise and distraction in the world, and people struggle to know who to listen to and trust. I encourage thoroughly vetting those you receive advice from to make sure they have the credentials to back it up.”

Whittenburg’s journey from basketball player to successful real estate professional involved learning from industry experts and mentors who have achieved significant success. Among his influences are Jeff Glover, who runs the top Michigan real estate team, and Greg Erlanger, who leads the #1 team in the state of Ohio. 

The entrepreneur revels in the insight of others, accrediting his current portfolio to investment in personal development. Like a college basketball player needs a firm and competent coach, an upstart business person needs an accomplished guide.

As Jordan Whittenburg once passed the torch from basketball to real estate earlier in his life, he now retakes the baton in the mindset coaching field with his upcoming book release, “Green Light Mentality: Taking Ownership of the Abundant Life You Were Made to Live”.  Called up by a passion for helping others build confidence in whatever they’re doing, years of mentoring and education have led to this moment. His views on discipline, contributing value, and seeking advice from suitable sources emanate equally from real estate and basketball. Ultimately, however, they are eternally valuable life lessons to help people become who they need to become to get where they want to go.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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