“Jesus Shoes” are selling for thousands of dollars

Published on October 10, 2019

These new sneakers will have you walking on water literally. But they will cost you a considerable amount of money. A pair of Nike’s called “Jesus Shoes” have holy water injected into the soles. The shoes went on sale for thousands of dollars and sold out in minutes. But now, they are back online.

The Jesus Shoes

The creative arts company MSCHF bought a pair of Men’s Nike Air Max 97 sneakers for $160 according to CBS News. But artists at the company gave them a biblical edge with a golden crucifix charm, the Bible verse Matthew 14:25 inscribed on the side and holy water injected into the soles. MSCHF says the water was sourced from River Jordan and blessed by a priest in Brooklyn where the company is based.

Called the “Jesus Shoes” they went on sale online, with their own URL, for $1,425 on Tuesday. They sold almost directly after according to MSCHF head of commerce, Daniel Greenberg. Then, they went up for auction on StockX, an online marketplace for authentic sneakers. As of now, the highest bid is $3,100, but users can choose to buy the shoes for $3,999. Greenberg says he doesn’t know who bought the shoes but does know they’re up for sale again. The StockX post also says that the shoes are filled with 60ccs of holy water.

Greenberg told CBS News the Jesus shoes are a response to what he says are ridiculous collaborations in the sneaker industry. The article specifically mentions the collaboration between AriZona Iced Tea and Addidas. It featured sneakers with  AriZona Iced Tea branding on them that featured popular flavors. Nike also did a collaboration with basketball player Kyrie Irving that was based on the characters from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.

“We set out to take that to the next level,” Greenberg told CBS News. “We asked ourselves, ‘What would a shoe collab with Jesus look like?’ Obviously, it should let you walk on water. ‘Well, how can we do that?’ You pump holy water into the pocket of a pair of Air Max 97’s and with that, you get Jesus Shoes — the holiest collab ever.”

Speaking of crazy collabs, there is also a collaboration between the Postal Service and Forever 21. The mashup consisted of clothing that featured the USPS logo and packaging materials. Our favorite is the tube top that says “PRIORITY.” But, this isn’t so out of the ordinary for Forever 21. It did do a collaboration with Taco Bell as well.


MSCHF is an artistic company based in Brooklyn that has used its platform to find ways to cheat the system. Previously, the company released a Chrome extension that lets users watch Netflix at work. It changes the streaming platform to look like a conference call. It also released “Times Newer Roman.” It’s a font that looks like Times New Roman except the characters are 5 to 10% wider. So if you ever need to meet a page requirement on a term paper, this might work for you. It even created a website that turns Wikipedia pages into “extremely citable ‘academic papers'” according to its website.

MSCHF has been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, Mashable and more. it aims to release new work every second and fourth Tuesday each month.

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