Jersey Shore Cosmetics on “hero products” and why “eco-friendly” isn’t just a buzzword

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 5, 2019

We all know the sun can damage the skin. But can you lose part of your arm?

For Jacquelyn Quattro, CEO of Jersey Shore Cosmetics, that was exactly her experience when her sister suffered a bad burn. Galvanized by that experience Quattro launched Jersey Shore Cosmetics as a brand that would ameliorate such a calamity — with some of the best available product designs from an eco-friendly, toxic-free stand point.

Grit Daily caught up with Quattro to get the details on her experiences and what drives the ethos at Jersey Shore Cosmetics.

Grit Daily: You’ve had your own interesting entrepreneurial background before Jersey Shore Cosmetics. Share that.

Jakki Quattro saw a silver lining.

Jacquelyn Quattro: I’ve always wanted to create a brand for — and share with the public — everything good that I could think of in the universe. I know that this sounds a bit broad, but my mind is constantly flooded with ideas and inventions.

It would be nearly impossible to create everything that I could think of so I’m constantly telling myself to stay focused. As of now, I’ve narrowed it to just a non-toxic cosmetics, skincare and sun-care company, a plethora of children’s, fitness, health, and beauty books, healthy dietary supplements, including a Beauty Rest natural sleep aid, pure spring waters including our popular Quattro H2O caffeinated spring waters and a healthy kids and baby brand of non-toxic products. 

GD: What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you as an entrepreneur in cosmetics?

JQ: The biggest challenge would be staying focused with regard to creating. I want to create every product better, that I would use for myself and my family. I have to narrow the line of products and focus on what sells.

GD: What didn’t you like about other beauty brands that inspired you to launch your own?

JQ: I had issues with petrochemicals, excessive amounts of artificial fragrances, allergens and toxins in other products, that made me want to create something more healthy and pleasant. I was sensitive to synthetic fragrance, allergens and Parabens in a lot of designer products.

GD: When no one has heard of your brand, how do you sell it?

JQ: My strategy for brand recognition was to land my brands on highly reputable consumer “watch dog” sites that had strict criteria for partnering with or sponsoring a brand. Once my products were top rated by high profile trustworthy leaders in the industry, the public would see my brand when promoted by these entities as well as trust my brand. We also have a robust organic following on our social media platforms.

GD: What made you want to create products for the whole family? Has one line outsold the others?

JQ: Each product category was started because of a personal situation in my family or community. I started with non-toxic eco-friendly sunscreens because sunscreen is the worst offender for hormone disruptors in a personal care product, depending on the mainstream brand. One of my siblings had a piece of her arm removed because of over exposure to the sun. I found out that her dermatologist sent her on her way with a sunscreen that contained toxic ingredients.

That inspired my first brand, Jersey Shore Sun anti-aging all- natural sunscreen. Jersey Kids organic sunscreen followed. Alcohol-free, unscented hand cleanser came about because my child has very sensitive skin and is prone to extreme dryness during the Winter months. This product is also great for individuals with sensory issues. It just made sense to create a skin care line for guys. I wanted to have a broader reach while teaching my own sons proper male grooming so we created AMH Adult Male Human. All of Jersey Shore Cosmetics brands sell well. Our sun care line and lip products are the hero products.

GD: Let’s talk numbers. What does the revenue picture look like?

JQ: The revenue picture looks great. The challenge is getting to keep a greater percent of that revenue. Typically, a great deal of the revenue goes right back into our brands.

Projections look fantastic for 2019 and forward as we are expanding our non- toxic sun care line. This is extremely exciting to me. We are partners with Hawaii’s Ban Toxic Sunscreens in getting toxic chemicals out of our oceans, protecting people, marine and aquatic life.

A lot of mainstream brands will have to update their formulas as more states ban toxic sunscreen ingredients. Jersey Shore Cosmetics has never had any toxic ingredients in sunscreen. We’re just expanding the product line to bring in some exciting new sun care items. My favorites will be our new sheerer formula anti-aging sunscreen and sunless tanner. I feel confident that our non-toxic sun care line will become a healthy revenue stream for our Jersey Shore cosmetics brands.

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By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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