Jerry Seinfeld is Back With ’23 Hours to Kill’

Published on April 30, 2020

Jerry Seinfeld has a new hour of comedy coming to Netflix next week. For the last few years, Netflix has been Seinfeld’s home. They streamed his charming show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and Seinfeld’s last special, 2017’s Jerry Before Seinfeld. Now, the creator of one the all-time great television shows is back with 23 Hours to Kill


Unlike Seinfeld’s last special, he’s doing all new material in his new one. For years and years Seinfeld has been telling the same jokes. Why? “Because they work,” replies Seinfeld. Most big-time comedians start from scratch with new material every year, but of course, Seinfeld isn’t just another big-time comedian. He’s Jerry Seinfeld. And he knows it, for better or worse. 

Here’s a trailer for Seinfeld’s promising new special:

Seinfeld Doesn’t Age

There’s something about Seinfeld’s style of comedy that’s more often than not ageless. Sure, he’s been telling the same jokes about pop-tarts a long time now, but when is a joke like that ever going to age? Seinfeld is rarely out of touch with the times because he rarely ever talks about the times. It’s not his style. It’s a part of the reason why his classic show has aged so well. There’s not much to date Seinfeld’s material, which is why after all these years on top in the comedy world, he’s still a comedy legend.

Seinfeld Loves Seinfeld

Not only that, but Seinfeld knows he’s a legend. He talks like an all-knowing mystical being about the nature of comedy on his show. Sometimes it’s enlightening, sometimes it’s navel-gazing. He earned the right after all his years on top, of course, even if it rubs his small portion of critics the wrong way. Understandably, not a lot of people love seeing a filthy rich guy complaining about the world and how people are “too sensitive.” It’s a bummer Seinfeld has gone down that path once or twice, especially because rarely does any of his material ruffle any feathers anyway. Why Seinfeld of all people complained about performing stand-up at colleges today was so strange, although he wasn’t completely wrong but just wrong in how he said it. 

Why We Love Seinfeld

The material is usually so innocent at its core, but just masterfully crafted. Based on the trailer, Sefineld is still seeing so vividly the most subtle of laughs in the most common, everyday situations. While Seinfeld self-admittedly has an ego and can come across as smug, there’s always a charming lack of self-seriousness about his comedy. Yes, he talks about telling jokes like it’s the gospel, but it is to him. It’s his life, and personally, I love hearing him talk about his love for all things comedy. It’s why Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is great. You can always feel Seinfeld’s passion, even when he’s talking about the most mundane subjects on stage. He’s more focused on the jokes than himself when he’s on stage, if that makes. There’s just nobody like Jerry Seinfeld and never will be, which is why we can’t wait for 23 Hours to Kill when it comes to Netflix on May 5th. 


Comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld is back with an all new stand-up special: 23 Hours to Kill. This hour-long special showcases more of Seinfeld’s sharp angles on everyday life. Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill streams May 5th, only on Netflix.

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