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Jared Leto Just Learned About the Pandemic Happening Right Now

Well, Jared Leto is certainly late to the party. The method actor and beloved and mocked 30 Seconds to Mars frontman recently spent almost two weeks in a silent meditation center. Guess what? He was never told about the coronavirus that’s completely changing and wrecking the world at the moment. It all was news to Oscar winner Jared Leto. 

12 Days in the Desert 

Once, legends will be told about the 12 days Leto spent in the desert. Who knows what wonders of the world unfolded on his wide-eyed journey? The man had no cellphone or connection to the world outside of his silent meditation, so lo and behold, he was completely in the dark about the events all over the news. Not even Jared Leto could write this stuff. It’s straight out of a celebrity comedy. 

A New World

Leto stepped out of his silent meditation to greet a world in chaos. The coronavirus has Italy under lock and key, and major cities in the United States are turning into ghost towns as people self-quarantine and remember social distancing. It’s all new to Leto! The actor and musician posted the admission on Instagram, wishing everyone to stay inside and be safe: 

Wow. 12 days ago I began a silent meditation in the desert. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication etc. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility. Walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that’s been changed forever. Mind blowing – to say the least. I’m getting messages from friends and family all around the globe and catching up on what’s going on. Hope you and yours are ok. Sending positive energy to all. Stay inside. Stay safe.

Classic Jared Leto

Could we see this happening to any other celebrity other than Jared Leto? How many average joe friends could say, “Hey, I was just enjoying a 12-day silent meditation in the desert. What’s happening?” Only Jared Leto would and could say that. As Leto put it, though, it must’ve been a mind-blowing experience. Of course, two weeks ago he must’ve at least heard about the coronavirus, but the state of things two weeks ago were very, very different. Things are changing rapidly, even for Jared Leto. 

What’s Up With Jared Leto?

Jared Leto is such a divisive figure in pop culture. People either love’m or hate’m with very little middle-ground. He makes bold or showy choices always bound to get reactions, especially with his performances. Not a subtle actor or somebody who hides behind their work in a role. He knows how to make a lot of headlines for himself, too, as he did on Suicide Squad. Since winning an Oscar, Leto’s creative output in movies has been bizarre, including his turn as The Joker. It was an interpretation rejected by the mass public. Since then, he’s laid low and mostly stuck to music. 

Hilariously, Leto did partake in “Camp Mars.” Basically, 30 Seconds to Mars fans could pay a few grand to spend a weekend with the band at a camp in Malibu, California. The imagery had some cult-y vibes going on, even if the camp itself was as sweet and as sincere as can be. 

Leto is actually starring in a movie this summer that could get postponed due to the coronavirus, based on how things are going. The actor stars in Sony’s Morbius, which looks like a 20-year-old comic book movie already. Sony has yet to push the movie or their other major summer titles back.