Irina Bobrenkova Shares 3 Top Tips for Buying or Selling in DFW

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 12, 2024

Even approaching Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) from the highway can be mesmerizing and daunting in equal measure. So, if you need a Realtor in Frisco to help you buy or sell property there, you want to ensure they match the region’s allure and gravitas.

DFW has a bustling real estate landscape, too. Finding the right home or navigating the selling process can be an overwhelming experience anywhere, let alone in one of the most attractive cities in the US.

Irina Bobrenkova, a dedicated Realtor at Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate in Texas, understands the importance of a seamless journey. Irina, a Realtor with accolades such as Real Estate Rookie of the Year and Top Producer, shares three invaluable tips for those considering buying or selling in DFW:

1. Hesitating hinders your hopes

Irina’s first advice echoes an old saying she lives by: “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” 

In a region like DFW, property values steadily rise. The sooner you invest, the better. Irina emphasizes the long-term stability of real estate as a reliable investment.

“House value goes up yearly, and over the years, real estate has proven itself as a secure place to invest money,” Irina adds.

For first-time buyers, this underscores the importance of taking the plunge sooner rather than later. Irina strives to be a strategic guide in the investment journey of those who know their depth but need help finding the ladder.

2. Reputable Realtors are a reliable resource

It might seem like all numbers and properties to some, but the best real estate agent in Texas will always care about their clients more than their bottom line. It’s necessary to achieve the best results for a buyer or seller.

“Work with a Realtor in Frisco who will make you a priority and does real estate full-time,” Irina advises. She aims to be a reliable guide throughout the process, arguably incompatible with being off the clock for hours or days.

“This industry is too dynamic to do it only on the weekends or between jobs,” Frisco Realtor Irina Bobrenkova emphasizes. Her extensive knowledge of Collin, Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant counties and her specialisms in investing, relocation, leasing, buying, and selling make her a potential partner deeply rooted in the DFW real estate scene.

3. Keeping composed in the key

Patience is a virtue in real estate, and Irina’s third tip encourages buyers to stay motivated. 

“There is a right house for everyone,” she proclaims. “It may take time to find; just be patient and open to suggestions.”

Mental fortitude during one of life’s most significant moments is challenging. But a patient approach and trust in your Realtor could lead you to the perfect home.

The connection between Irina’s personality and her professional approach is evident in her empathetic advice. It reflects her belief that the journey to find the right home is as crucial as the destination.

Beyond these top three tips, Irina’s unique perspective on real estate involves honesty, a trait she considers paramount.

“I tell my clients like it is,” she states. “If I don’t think the house is a good fit based on conditions or location, I will advise them to continue looking for a better option.”

Irina’s accolades and recognition as a Top Producing Real Estate Agent by D Magazine demonstrate the importance of integrity in the profession. However, her focus remains on assisting people rather than making transactions.

Though a Realtor, Irina also pursues her passion for animal rescue in her spare time, raising five dogs on her half-acre property in Little Elm. She even aims to interlink the adoption and real estate process, connecting homebuyers to rescue dogs where both would benefit.

Irina Bobrenkova’s tips are not just advice for buying or selling in DFW but a testament to a holistic approach to real estate. As a Realtor in Frisco, her guidance offers a valuable roadmap for first-time buyers and sellers needing help figuring out where to start.

As she continues to set new industry standards, it’s clear that Irina Bobrenkova’s mission extends beyond being the best real estate agent in Texas—she’s here to create connections, make friends, and help people find a home in DFW.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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