Full Speed Ahead: How Integrated Solutions are Shaping the Future of EV Charging

By Phillip Lanos Phillip Lanos has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 12, 2023

As electric vehicles (EVs) transition from the periphery to the mainstream, an integrated approach to EV charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly critical. It’s no longer sufficient for EV charging solutions to merely exist. Instead, they must be easily accessible, fast, and seamless.

The electrification of the transportation sector is already underway, but for EV adoption to reach its full potential, much remains to be done in the way of charging infrastructure. How does the future look, and what innovations can we expect? The insights from Broc TenHouten of Intrinsic Power during his conversation with Phillip Lanos on a recent episode of Grit Daily Startup Show offer an intriguing glimpse into what lies ahead.

Charging Speed: The Race to Zero

One of the most critical elements that will define the future of EV charging is the speed at which vehicles can be charged. Slow charging times have been a significant roadblock to widespread EV adoption. People are accustomed to spending just a few minutes at a gas station, so any alternative has to compete with this baseline.

According to Broc TenHouten, innovations in charging technology are accelerating at an unprecedented rate, aiming to reduce charging times to near parity with traditional fueling methods. From supercapacitors to improved battery chemistry, technological advancements are on the horizon that will make fast charging not just a luxury but a standard feature.

Ubiquity and Accessibility: Charging Everywhere, for Everyone

The second pillar of a robust EV charging infrastructure is ubiquity and accessibility. It’s crucial to have charging stations that are not only plentiful but also conveniently located where people naturally congregate. Shopping centers, office complexes, and public transportation hubs are logical choices for building out a network of public charging stations.

The importance of partnerships in this arena cannot be understated. Municipalities, businesses, and even real estate developers play a role in integrating charging stations into everyday locations. The future may even see residential buildings coming pre-equipped with charging stations, much like they come with other utilities today.

The Integrated Approach: Charging as a Lifestyle

One key takeaway from the conversation between Phillip and Broc is that future charging solutions will not just be about the stations and the technology. It will be about integrating these solutions into people’s lifestyles in a way that’s seamless and effortless. The objective is to make the charging experience so convenient that it simply becomes a natural part of daily life.

The integrated approach extends to software as well. Expect to see the proliferation of apps that not only help you locate the nearest charging station but also give you real-time updates on availability, charging speeds, and even dynamic pricing based on demand. Such integrative solutions could provide a holistic experience, from route planning to payment, making the process as straightforward as possible.

The Road Ahead in EV Charging

The future of EV charging lies not just in technological advancements but in a comprehensive, integrated approach that considers convenience, speed, and accessibility. As EVs become an ever-larger part of the automotive landscape, the strategies to charge them must evolve in tandem to meet consumer expectations.

The dialogue surrounding the future of EV charging is an ongoing one, with new advancements and strategies emerging regularly. For entrepreneurs and consumers alike, staying informed and adaptable is crucial as the EV charging landscape undergoes its revolutionary transformation.
Check out the full episode of the Grit Daily Startup Show for more insights from Broc TenHouten.

By Phillip Lanos Phillip Lanos has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Phillip Lanos is the host of Grit Daily Startup Show, a renowned self-help author, personal brand manager, and digital marketing expert. With over 2,000 interviews with industry leaders, Phillip is a seasoned voice in the entrepreneurial world. Featured on platforms like Entrepreneur and Inc Magazine, Phillip brings a wealth of experience and insight to every conversation.

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