Instagram’s recent announcement in adding new ‘action buttons’ to business profiles, will allow a seamless integration between the platform and business-consumer engagement. 

By: Andrew L. Rossow, Esq.

Instagram Is A Platform For Change, Helping Businesses Grow Their Customer Base

With the latest Avengers film out, you don’t have to scramble searching through multiple applications and websites in your attempts of finding showtimes and movie tickets. Instead, you can hop on over to Fandango’s Instagram profile and click the “Buy Tickets” button, which takes you directly to Instagram from within the application. Yep, you can search showtimes and purchase tickets…all from within Instagram. The question is why would this be necessary?

On May 8, Instagram announced that it wants to make it easier for individuals to conduct business through its platform. It recognizes the importance of harmonizing communications as between a business and its consumers. By simplifying the structure of the messages Inbox, businesses will have a better way of managing their messages. For example, now, new incoming customer messages are sent to the main Direct Inbox, rather than to the pending folder, where often times, individuals almost never see them.

Next, turning to convenience, people want short, sweet, and easy. They don’t have time to jump over to multiple mobile apps in efforts to find what they are looking for. Instagram aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ where business can be conducted right then and there.  As more people continue to interact with businesses online, it makes sense that these business accounts have measures in place to provide quick replies to commonly asked questions.

More than 200 million users visit an Instagram business account daily, while more than 150 million users engage in direct messaging with a business account within a month.

Instagram Announces ‘Fandango’ Ticket Purchasing Integration

As part of this new announcement, Instagram also announced that it has partnered with Fandango, which allows consumers and users to access showtimes, purchase movie tickets, and movie merchandise directly through the Instagram application, by clicking the “Buy Tickets” button on Fandango’s Instagram account.

Fandango’s Instagram account now has the “Buy Tickets” action button, allowing for direct access to show times, tickets, and merchandise.

“As millions of movie fans have gravitated to social media platforms to discover, share, and engage with their favorite movie content, Fandango has been essential to that experience,” said Paul Yanover, president of Fandango.

But, this is only the latest integration Instagram has been working on in its attempts to streamline native shopping apps, payment systems, and appointment booking with its platform. The social media platform has also integrated with third-party services like GrubHub, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Yelp, and other services.

“These new tools are aimed at moving [our] platform from a place where business is discovered, to a place where business is done,” said Vishal Shah, Instagram’s director of product management.

The question is whether or not users will bite at these newly integrated features on the platform.