Inside The Massive New Amazon Loyalty Program

Published on February 26, 2019

It’s a marketers dream come true. Amazon has announced that it plans to launch a massive new Amazon loyalty program called Amazon Moments in the future. The program will provide cross-platform metrics to create CPA measurements and provide loyalty rewards to consumers that meet specified brand needs. In other words, customers will get paid to shop and marketers will be able to better track marketing investments with the new feature.

What It Is

The new moments feature provides a simple Amazon loyalty program that allows marketers to better understand what campaigns do well. The platform was mainly created for vendors to be able to better understand their market. However, the loyalty program will also provide massive changes to how consumers shop on the website. The feature will allow vendors to hone in on what kind of action they want the consumer to complete. For some, this may be to download an app or play a game. For others, it will be to simply purchase and use a product.

The platform will offer consumers an Amazon credit incentive to complete an action designated by the brand. The incentive will increase consumer interaction with the brand by a massively profitable margin. These financial incentives are controlled by the vendor. The vendor can decide both the incentive and the action.

One of the brands that were involved in the testing of the product was Disney. Shoppers were given an Amazon credit by reaching a certain level in an online game. This drove consumers to interact with the game further, increasing Disney’s profit nearly seven times what it was before the loyalty program was implemented. Vendors pay Amazon for the incentives. However, the return that vendors get from the increased marketing and incentive bonus for the consumer well covers the cost of the marketing tool.

New Ways To Shop

Anyone that’s ever been incentivized to stick to one coffee shop because of a punch card will understand why Amazon is launching a loyalty program. The massive sales increase that vendors will see through the incentive program will give shoppers the freedom to cash in on any reward they please from simply buying things on Amazon. Because the cash rewards are in the form of Amazon credit, shoppers don’t have to commit to sticking to one brand in order to use their rewards. This means that there will inevitably be greater variation in products. Shoppers can use their rewards on things they wouldn’t normally buy.

Imagine being able to shave $100 off of a new TV in a couple of years. You got that reward from regularly buying paper towels and La Croix on Amazon. Or, being able to put $20 toward a new video game from credits you earned by playing your old one.

When Will It Arrive?

Amazon Moments has already launched. Consumers can expect to see more and more vendors investing in the marketing tool moving forward. The tool works by asking vendors to invest a certain amount of money into the program. Amazon will advertise that customers can earn a cash incentive simply by choosing that product over another. The money spent on the service will then go toward paying for the cash incentives, and vendors will see an increased return on investment. Sounds like a win-win.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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