18 Innovative Gadgets for Stress Relief

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 1, 2024

In our quest to find serenity in the hustle of modern life, we’ve gathered insights from professionals across various fields, including CEOs and founders, on their favorite stress-busting gadgets and relaxation techniques. From embracing technology-free self-care to finding tranquility with an infrared sauna, explore the diverse range of eighteen lifestyle gadgets and devices these experts swear by to relax and unwind.

  • Embrace Technology-Free Self-Care
  • Massage Gun Provides Personal Relaxation
  • NeeDoh Cube Offers Quiet Stress Relief
  • Skincare Routine with Red-Light Therapy
  • Home-Brewing as a Creative Stress Reliever
  • Acupressure Bracelet for Focus and Calm
  • CalmiGo Breathing Device for Quick Relaxation
  • Home Sauna for Post-Workout Unwinding
  • Weighted Blanket Enhances Sleep Quality
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones Create Personal Sanctuary
  • Neck-and-Back Massager Eases Muscle Tension
  • Headspace App Encourages Mindful Breathing
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser Soothes with Lavender
  • Foam Rolling Releases Muscle Tension
  • Adult Coloring Books for Mindful Relaxation
  • Sound Bowl Aligns Energy for Calm
  • Online Yoga Classes for Mind-Body Harmony
  • Infrared Sauna Relieves Post-Shift Stress

Embrace Technology-Free Self-Care

We shouldn’t need a gadget to relax! We are quickly becoming addicted to technology, and one of the best things we could do for our own health, our family, and our business/career is to put technology in its place. It was designed to serve us, not enslave us!

Carve out technology-free time and activities every day. Get out in nature, even if it is just soaking up some sunlight for 15 minutes. Breathe fresh air as often as you can to clear out the clutter in your mind.

All stress is not equal, so know what you need to de-stress for emotional, mental, professional, and relational stresses. Taking time to reduce stress is self-care, not selfish, and you will be a better “you” because of it.

Lorraine Bossé-SmithLorraine Bossé-Smith
Chief Solutions Officer, Concept One LLC

Massage Gun Provides Personal Relaxation

One device that I have found to be effective is a massage gun. It’s a small, portable device that can be used to reduce stress. It’s much smaller than a massage chair and can have the same effect if used properly. I think that massage guns have helped me in the past after a long day by giving me time to myself, as well as time to unwind from the stress. Overall, I can’t recommend the massage gun enough!

Saneem AhearnSaneem Ahearn
VP of Marketing, Colorescience

NeeDoh Cube Offers Quiet Stress Relief

I saw a coworker with a NeeDoh Nice Cube and immediately bought one to help me reduce stress. The bright cube is made of sturdy gel that can be squished, pulled, and twisted without any noise or mess. It is a great sensory toy and perfect to pull off your desk when you need to unwind just a bit but can’t step away from work.

Logan MalloryLogan Mallory
Vice President of Marketing, Motivosity

Skincare Routine with Red-Light Therapy

I’ve found that skincare, particularly using a red-light mask, is an excellent relaxation device that helps me reduce stress. Red light therapy has been noted for its potential to alleviate signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and promote glowing skin.

Diane HowardDiane Howard
Rn and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Home-Brewing as a Creative Stress Reliever

There’s a reason why #DrinkTok has 40.3 billion views.

In my point of view, diving into hobbies like home-brewing and pure-water ice-making is a fantastic way to shake off stress and have some fun. Whether you’re perfecting a new beer recipe, experimenting with fancy cocktails, or just enjoying the process of making your own ice, these activities offer a break from the hustle and bustle of working life.

Plus, getting lost in these hobbies helps me appreciate the little moments more. From the smell of fresh coffee to the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass, it’s all about enjoying the present. In my experience, taking time for these hobbies not only relieves stress but also brings a sense of joy and relaxation to my life.

Fanny SurjanaFanny Surjana
Quench Master, QuenchList

Acupressure Bracelet for Focus and Calm

Wearing an acupressure bracelet has really helped to keep me focused when I need to be, to get me back on track, and to calm my thoughts. The bracelet I use is quite simple. It’s elastic, so I can give myself a little snap if I need to get my mind off anxious thoughts. There’s also an acupressure-point nub that I can push into my wrist for relief and relaxation.

Jarir MallahJarir Mallah
Human Resources Manager, Ling App

CalmiGo Breathing Device for Quick Relaxation

I recently added CalmiGo to my stress-relief inventory. The device urges you to exhale to engage your parasympathetic nervous system. CalmiGo is straightforward to use: hold it like an inhaler, inhale with your nose, and exhale through your mouth. You can feel it if you exhale long enough. Repeat this breathing cycle for three minutes.

Exhaling longer activates your parasympathetic nervous system, relieving stress nearly immediately. CalmiGo supports breathing exercises and relaxes with natural oil fragrances and visual cues.

CalmiGo is a good alternative for beginners to stress-relieving breathing techniques because each session only takes three minutes, and the device is small enough to use anywhere. I usually use it in my office between meetings and other work. I’ve been practicing exhalation prolongation breathing for months without a gadget. But as noted previously, it helps master exhale prolonging!

Loretta KildayLoretta Kilday
Debtcc Spokesperson, Debt Consolidation Care

Home Sauna for Post-Workout Unwinding

I go to a gym after work each day. One of the most relaxing parts of my day is hitting the sauna after my workout. It helps relieve stress not only from the workout I just did but from the entire day as well. It worked so well that I purchased a home sauna for my wife and me. With her stressful job, she absolutely loves it too. While expensive, it is amazing how effective it is at getting you to completely relax.

Jeff MichaelJeff Michael
Ecommerce Business Owner, Moriarty’s Gem Art

Weighted Blanket Enhances Sleep Quality

One lifestyle gadget/relaxation device I find effective is a weighted blanket that provides gentle, firm pressure across my body. This pressure has been shown to increase the release of serotonin and melatonin, which are neurotransmitters that play a significant role in mood regulation and sleep; it also decreases cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.

My weighted blanket helps improve the quality of rest in a relatively short amount of time. It helps me to relax and fall asleep faster, which improves my overall well-being and readiness for the next day.

Madison TMadison T
Ecommerce Manager, My Supplement Store

Noise-Canceling Headphones Create Personal Sanctuary

In the realm of stress-reducing gadgets, one device that has been a game-changer for me is a simple noise-canceling headphone. It might not seem like a typical relaxation gadget, but its impact on my mental well-being has been profound.

During a particularly demanding period at work, I found it difficult to switch off my professional mode, even after hours. The constant barrage of notifications and calls was leaving me stressed and sleep-deprived. That’s when I decided to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

The ability to drown out the external noise and focus on calming sounds or music has helped me relax and unwind. It provides a much-needed sanctuary, a personal space amidst the chaos. They have become an essential part of my daily routine to maintain balance in my demanding work schedule.

Swena KalraSwena Kalra
Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Neck-and-Back Massager Eases Muscle Tension

Beyond physical training, a lifestyle gadget that I find particularly effective in reducing stress is the electric neck-and-back massager. This device, easy to use at home or in the office, simulates deep-massage techniques to alleviate muscle tension built up throughout the day. After intensive work sessions or during especially busy times, taking a moment to use this massager has an immediate impact on my stress level. It aids in relaxing my muscles, calming my mind, and allowing me to refocus, thus leading to better concentration and increased efficiency in my tasks.

The combination of regularly practicing kickboxing with the use of this type of relaxation device forms a comprehensive method for me to maintain mental and physical balance, crucial for navigating a demanding work environment while preserving my health and well-being.

When I experience peaks of stress, the calm conditioning I achieve through sports and the electric waves allow me to detach from the present stress, take a step back, and better organize my work without disruptive thoughts, remaining focused.

Guillaume Le PortGuillaume Le Port
Webdesigner, btg communication

Headspace App Encourages Mindful Breathing

Adding a meditation app like Headspace to my daily schedule has really changed things for the better. These short moments of mindfulness give me a place to be still and think amidst the chaos of my busy routine. Even if it’s just for ten minutes during my lunch break or for an hour or more in the evening, the guided exercises calm my mind down.

Focused breathing helps me let go of stress and other things that are bothering me, and each breath feels like a new start. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such significant effects. This practice helps me deal with the challenges of each day with more ease and clarity.

Julian PatrickJulian Patrick
Founder, Stovefitter’s Warehouse

Aromatherapy Diffuser Soothes with Lavender

When it comes to stress relief, using an aromatherapy diffuser with lavender essential oil has really become my saving grace. The soft embrace of its calming aroma has brought me comfort after a demanding workday.

For me, it’s become a nighttime ritual—a ray of peace in the midst of the day’s craziness. I feel the weight of the day lift as the perfume fills the room, giving way to a deep sense of tranquility. Every breath seems to take my troubles away, leaving a calm atmosphere that envelops me in comfort. I can feel myself relaxing and giving in to the soft caress of lavender’s aroma with every second that goes by. And when I do get in bed, I’m thankful for the serenity it offers, lulling me into a sound sleep where my concerns vanish.

Tim GriffithsTim Griffiths
CEO, Initial Interiors

Foam Rolling Releases Muscle Tension

Including foam rolling in my nighttime routine has really changed the way I manage stress. It feels like I’m releasing the stress that has accumulated during the day as I glide over those taut knots in my muscles. It’s as though rolling physically releases stored-up tension and worry, similar to wringing out a sponge. The relief of pressure feels like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, especially after spending hours bent over my desk.

It’s incredible how even something as basic as a foam roller can make such a big difference in my general health. By the time I’m finished, I feel lighter both mentally and physically, prepared to face the difficulties of tomorrow and enjoy the peace of the evening.

Ryan ThompsonRyan Thompson
Editor, Men’s Flair

Adult Coloring Books for Mindful Relaxation

I now always turn to adult coloring books as a way to relax and decompress. It’s a peaceful diversion from the bustle of everyday life to take time to fill complex designs with vivid colors. It’s incredible how something as basic as coloring can take me to a focused state and momentarily remove the burden of work-related anxieties from my thoughts.

Coloring offers a therapeutic outlet that fits into my routine and, one stroke at a time, rejuvenates my spirit, whether I do it in the evening after a long day or during a short break.

Chris AllenChris Allen
Founder, Ooodle Life

Sound Bowl Aligns Energy for Calm

One relaxation device that I find underappreciated but extremely effective at reducing stress is a sound bowl. Sound bowls work through vibration and resonance to attune our energy to a desired frequency—of which we can choose one of calm and relaxation. Sound vibrations can be deconstructed with mathematical precision, so choosing the proper sound (i.e., vibration) to match a natural frequency of peacefulness and calm will automatically align our own energetic frequencies to such a state.

After a hectic or demanding day, using a sound bowl and letting its soothing vibrations pass through me noticeably releases tension and grounds any heightened or anxious energy I might be carrying. It allows for the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, turns off the “fight-or-flight” response that is often activated during a busy day, and opens the door to a relaxation state that can be carried into and throughout my evening.

Lia MunsonLia Munson
Co-Founder, Resilient Stories

Online Yoga Classes for Mind-Body Harmony

Rolling out my yoga mat and following online yoga classes has become an essential part of my routine, especially when it comes to managing stress levels. Through the practice of yoga, I’ve discovered a profound connection with my body and breath, unlocking a pathway to release tension and foster inner peace.

Even amidst the chaos of busy days, dedicating just 20-30 minutes to a yoga session acts as a powerful reset button, rejuvenating my mind and spirit. It’s amazing how this simple ritual can empower me to tackle work with a renewed sense of clarity and calmness, proving that sometimes, the most effective solutions lie within our own mindful movements.

Brett BergerBrett Berger
Co-Founder & COO, Flow Sparrow

Infrared Sauna Relieves Post-Shift Stress

The Sunlighten mPulse Infrared Sauna has helped me wind down after long shifts in the hospital and in the clinic. Whenever I feel strained physically after treating patients in the family medicine service, I go in for a 30-minute session in the infrared sauna to ease my muscle tension and also release some stress. It’s always the post-sauna feeling that helps me relax, as even a session as short as 30 minutes has been doing wonders for my physical health.

Sarah BonzaSarah Bonza
Founder at Bonza Health, Bonza Health

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