Imran Tariq, WSJ Bestselling Author, Shares 7 Ways to Build Notability

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 10, 2022

According to the genius P.T. Barnum, who more or less invited the very idea of attracting public interest to boost sales, something terrible happens without publicity: Nothing.

A respected brand is essential if we are to make a success of our ventures, and thereby ourselves. It all boils down to attracting positive attention to your brand. And despite what everyone believes (or at least what everyone has heard), not all publicity is good, says Imran Tariq.

Imran believes that good publicity is the natural result of the attention you will garner by adding value in people’s zone of acceptance. People are certain to be curious and look for more information when they hear about the value you offer. Here are Imran’s tips for adding value: 

Write a best-selling book. The authority that comes from writing a book is game-changing. It means you are a thought leader in your field. It distinguishes you when you offer a new contact your book along with your business card. People will keep the book and remember that meeting with you brought instant value. Naturally, a book has even more impact if it is a bestseller on a respected list, which certifies it as a massive success.

Write articles for distinguished publications. Publishing thought leadership articles in large, respected publications builds authority and connects you with people. It also allows you to reach out to people as a journalist. You can network in different ways as a journalist and expect to be invited to speak or cover events. Being an expert who can interview and cover other people, versus being featured, puts you in the position of the thought leader who decides who is credible or not.

Become a public speaker. Speaking at events, especially as the keynote speaker, is far more powerful for networking than just being another attendee. People will take the opportunity to approach you. You have clout given to you by the event host. You provide people with results they can implement right away. This will get them hooked on learning more from you and relying on your help.

Be on TV. You can pay for publicity, but you have to be invited onto a TV show. It is much harder to attract attention from TV. Appearing on TV generates more respect and clout. People can feel your energy, hear and watch you and learn more. TV, and video generally, is an effective medium for getting your message through to people and winning their trust.

Be a person of integrity and value. The foundation of it all is being a good person with integrity, respect, and honor. Don’t be one of those people always attacking others on social media through stories and posts. The best public image is to show the results you get for your clients and yourself. Show the impact you are making directly. Delivering value by creating and sharing good content is what creates a good image on social media. Do that instead of flaunting materialistic things like many fake influencers in Dubai. Many influencers, not just in Dubai but more commonly there, have taken the Tai Lopez concept but removed the books and how he has added value. Many of these influencers just show off their material things, which are mostly rented for a day.

Make content shareable. Angie Lee, content creator and influencer, says it best: Behind every like, comment, and share is a heartbeat. The best content is share-worthy to your audience. Focus on content that helps people and they will want to share it. The people who share your content share your vibe. The content they share will attract more people who resonate with you, because as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. No matter what, always remember that whichever medium you are using, everyone has a heartbeat and is relatable to your tribe. Building authority helps tremendously to open up different partnerships.

Partnerships and associations. Like yourself, your tribe will have more than one issue to resolve. While you an authority in one area, find and connect with the best authorities in the other areas. You can partner with them and market to each other’s audiences in a way that benefits everyone. The situation is a win-win, and it is so vital for massive success that you focus on win-win.

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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