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Impact founders have a new ally with tech2impact

One thing is sure. Once the world works out how to move beyond the pandemic, we have another – potentially even bigger – problem to solve. How to save the planet. Impact founders have found a way to combat that.

Initiatives all over the world continue to work towards sustainability goals. While the method of collaboration and engagement has changed thanks to stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, the mission remains the same.

Find startups, scale-ups, and organizations that can help, and give them the support they need to do so.

One such platform is headquartered in Vienna, founded by Sasha Lipman and Jelena Popovic. Called tech2impact, it is a global platform with a mission to support impact tech founders with resources and tailor-made solutions for corporate impact innovation.

Importantly, there are still a few days left for impact founders and startups to apply for its latest, four-month-long online mentoring program.

So how does it work?

“Tech2impact created a four-month online mentoring program pairing impact tech founders with 21 international mentors, with expertise in growth hacking, product development, blockchain, scaling & growth, ethics of technology, fundraising, government relations, climate tech, impact measurement, business development, sales, and PR,” Lipman said.

Those mentors include the likes of Charles Nader (CEO and founder of, Hadeer Shalaby (former director of Careem Bus, recently sold to Uber), or Heriberto Saldivar (Managing Director

Of course, in these extraordinary times, tech2impact is running its program online for now.

“COVID-19 demonstrates that now, more than ever, we need to support founders tackling globally pressing issues with mentorship, tailored guidance, and expertise so that they can grow quickly and sustainably,” Lipman said.

With a program that includes ten hours of one-to-one coaching, 25 webinars by industry leaders and experts, and insights into growth hacking, fundraising and pitching, sales and PR, technology, business and product development, scaling & growth, team management, and more, tech2impact offers a great opportunity for impact founders to succeed in taking their solutions from idea to reality.

And, most importantly, the program is offered without charge, and without giving up any equity.

Any impact founder wishing to apply can do so, until 19 June 2020, via the platform’s application form.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on June 16, 2020.

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