The Sound of Sports – IconiQ’s Revolutionary Bluetooth Speakers

By Peter Salib Peter Salib has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 3, 2023

Bluetooth speakers, once hailed as the epitome of innovation, have become a dime a dozen. Standardized designs and functionalities have reduced them to mere commodities, with most consumers making purchasing decisions based solely on price. However, one company, IconiQ Technologies, is about to flip the script in this saturated market.

Introducing IconiQ

At the intersection of technology and sports enthusiasm, IconiQ has sculpted an innovation – the world’s first basketball and soccer Bluetooth speakers. It’s not just about a novelty design; these speakers are crafted with unparalleled audio excellence. They are capable of delivering 360-degree surround sound with an impressive 130 W RMS output wattage. This unique blend of design and technology has set them light years apart from generic speakers in the market.

IconiQ Technologies

Targeting a Massive Audience

IconiQ is not just a speaker; it’s an experience aimed at two of the largest sports fandoms globally. With basketball boasting 2.2 billion fans and soccer commanding an even more impressive 3.5 billion followers, it has its sights set on a market ripe for innovation.

Testimonials from basketball legends like Mitch Richmond and advocates like Avery Johnson Jr. further solidify IconiQ’s place in the sports world. Richmond expressed amazement at the powerful sound emanating from a basketball-shaped speaker, while Johnson believes every basketball fan would cherish this innovation.

Building Direct Relationships Through IconiQ App

Taking user engagement a notch higher, IconiQ has introduced its custom app. This allows users to not only control LED colors on their basketball and soccer speakers but also offers a premium equalizer for a personalized audio experience. By streaming sports news and favorite music, the app ensures users are always connected to what they love.

Accomplished Team

Behind IconiQ’s revolutionary product lies a formidable team hailing from global giants like Adidas, LG, and Samsung. Their shared legacy in the industry is undeniable, having directed vast operations and funds for industry leaders like Nike, LG, and Adidas.

The early innovations of CEO and Chief Technology Officer Nima Saati catered to a vast range of vehicles, and his entrepreneurial ventures garnered significant accolades and valuations.

Nic Vu, with his esteemed tenure as GM and SVP of North American DTC for adidas Group and more than a decade at Target, brings invaluable sales & marketing insights.

Dr. Yasser Nafei’s mastery over product lifecycle management and his management, M&A, and engineering experience at several technology companies (LG Electronics, Motorola, Tellabs, Nortel Networks, and IBM) ensures seamless operations from ideation to sales.

Together, they form the driving force behind IconiQ, destined to reshape the audio-tech frontier.

Why IconiQ?

With their iconic products worthy of a spot in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, a skilled team, and a vision to provide a broad range of exciting and aesthetically pleasing speakers for billions of sports enthusiasts worldwide, this venture could draw a diverse array of investors.

For these investors, IconiQ has curated a slew of rewards on the Wefunder platform. From becoming an investor with just a $100 investment to enjoying premium rewards with higher investments, there’s a place for everyone to be a part of this journey.

Drawing parallels with significant acquisitions like Samsung’s $8 billion acquisition of Harmon International and Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats, a potential exit opportunity for investors is evident.

What’s Next for IconiQ?

The funds raised will fuel IconiQ’s ambitious expansion plans. From inventory build-up, incorporating Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS), and developing the IconiQ App to setting up joint ventures with athletes and celebrities, the roadmap is clear.

IconiQ is not just a product; it’s a movement to redefine Bluetooth speakers’ world. By melding the passion of sports with the nuances of technology, it is poised to become the Bluetooth speaker of choice for sports fans globally.

Whether you’re a die-hard sports enthusiast, an audiophile, or an investor looking for the next big thing, IconiQ beckons.


By Peter Salib Peter Salib has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Peter Salib is a Tech Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in New Jersey, he is an avid participant of events nationwide who's attended CES in Las Vegas consecutively since 2013. Peter is the host and producer of Show & Tell, a product showcase YouTube channel and also works at Gadget Flow, a leading product discovery platform reaching 31M consumers every month. Peter frequently works with startups on media, content writing, events, and sales. His dog, Scruffy, was a guest product model on the Today Show with Kathy Lee & Hoda in 2018 and was dubbed "Scruffy the Wonder Dog.”

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