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I Tried Beachbody On Demand and Got More Than Just A Workout

Since I’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been finding many things to occupy my time aside from work. I had just graduated and came back home, and trying to find a job and trying to keep myself busy wasn’t that hard. But since we were at home, I had to think outside the box on what can I do to keep myself occupied.

At that time, I did what everyone else started to do, and that was to get my health right and start to work out more. Since I was at home, I wasn’t active, and my diet had changed entirely from when I was at university. While at university, I was always on the go with class and dance, and I had a balanced diet, but once I got home, all of that changed. So, I decided that I would change that and try to change my diet and start to work out.

I was nervous. I wasn’t a big fan of your average workout because my form of workout has always been dancing. I knew that many workout apps were offering free trials and getting a lot of traction due to the pandemic, so I started looking and came across Beachbody On Demand. I had heard of it from my sister who used it, so I decided to try and look for a program that fit my needs, and I came across a barre workout called Barre Blend.

Barre Blend and Beachbody On Demand

As a dancer, I decided to give this a go since it’s a workout that uses ballet technique. It was an eight-week program working out during the week and taking weekends off. First off, I can’t say that I’ve had a workout that I stayed with and also kept me motivated at the same time. Usually, these programs have instructors that talk you do the workouts, and that’s it and doesn’t give off that connection that you need, but the instructor Elise Joan kept me coming back to the barre.

This program had me excited to work out and ready to come back the next day. Beachbody programs are not only there to help you get in shape but to also to keep you on track mentally. Most apps and programs are more about the money than they are about helping you stay on track, but each trainer on the app is serious about their craft. Even though it’s through a screen, you can see that they genuinely care about you and your progress.

Throughout my program, there were days I felt unmotivated and didn’t want to work out. Still, I always remembered how I felt after a powerful, confident, and proud workout, so I continued to go every day.

My Progress

I’ve never been a workout guru, and I was not too fond of apps like these because I felt they weren’t real or genuine, but never have I been and felt like a program has done more for me than get fit. The program I did went into about women and body shaming, confidence, positivity, overall, you and being your person, and I took that with me. I saw my confidence change, and the way I viewed myself changed, which happened just by doing an eight-week program.

You will see your results and a change. Are you going to get that six-pack you’ve been waiting for? Maybe but that’s only if you work for it. Yes, I paid for it and got my money’s worth, and I’m continuing with another program. The trainers work with you, and they have ways to better your diet and more. To me, Beachbody On Demand is more than a workout program, and it changes more than just how much you weigh on a scale.