Dehydration presents a major issue for people around the world, including in “first world” countries like the United States.

Although the majority of the U.S. populace has regular access to clean drinking water, up to 75 percent of the nation suffers from chronic dehydration. Bazaarian, LLC hopes to solve this problem with their innovative, solar-powered Hydrade smart bottle tech.

 Solar-Power Tracks Water Consumption

Everyone knows the old adage about drinking eight cups of water per day. However, this guideline fails to accurately gauge each person’s individual hydration needs, and that’s where Hydrate steps in.

The solar-cell built into each bottle automatically recharges during light exposure, meaning you don’t have to remember to charge it. Hydrate bottles connect to a smartphone app to track and monitor your overall daily water consumption. Whenever consumption levels dip below your hydration needs, the bottle prompts you to take a drink.

Do We Really Need Hydration Monitoring?Woman gives her dog a sip from a red Hydrade smart bottle

You feel thirsty when it’s time to hydrate, right? According to scientific studies, thirst isn’t a reliable indicator as this sensation doesn’t become noticeable until after you’ve already become dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration often become a factor long before you feel thirsty enough for a drink.

Dehydration symptoms include dizziness, headache, fatigue, cramping, dry skin, and excessive sweating. Some people also experience irritability. Water monitoring seeks to help you avoid these unpleasant sensations.

Seniors Face a Heightened Risk

Hydrade’s marketing imagery showcases young, active individuals enjoying a hike, walking with their children, and working. Everyone can benefit from staying hydrated, but the people who need these solar-powered reusable bottles the most are probably in their twilight years.Yellow Hydrade smart bottle and cell phone

As humans age, our body’s ability to warn us about dehydration diminishes. Even after dehydration occurs, elderly people are much less likely to feel thirsty. As a consequence, seniors become more prone to urinary tract infections, cardiovascular issues, and kidney stones.

Hydrade takes the hydration process a step further by reminding seniors and other users to take sips throughout the day. Studies show that slow, regular water consumption provides much better benefits than simply drinking an entire glass at once.

Provides Others with Clean Water

Hydrade’s founders derived inspiration from TOMS Shoes and Charity: Water. Each ounce of water you drink from your Hydrade bottle becomes a charitable donation worth an ounce of clean water for others in need.

Charity: Water receives donations from Hydrade on your behalf, and 100 percent of the money raised goes directly into clean water projects in developing nations. To date, more than 9.6 million people in 27 countries can now drink clean water thanks to Charity: Water’s programs.

Calibrated for Your Personal Needs

Merely prompting people to drink water can help reduce dehydration issues. Hydrade goes beyond the basics, though, with an innovative system that suggests water consumption based on your activity level, the temperature, and your overall physical condition. Your water needs vary from day-to-day, and Hydrade helps ensure that your body can keep up.

Eco-Friendly Design

The world uses 1 million plastic bottles per minute, but we only recycle 9 percent of them. In the U.S., each person uses an average of 156 plastic water bottles per year. By making the switch to Hydrade, you can completely eliminate your plastic water bottle waste, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and helping keep harmful plastics out of the ocean and landfills.Hydrades Smart Bottle in 3 colors

As an added bonus, the double-wall insulation, stainless steel design of each Hydrade bottle keeps liquids cold for 22 hours or hot for 13 hours. Hydrate bottles are also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

Hydrade Smart Bottle Kickstarter Campaign

Hydrade blew past the product’s initial Kickstarter goal of $50,000 and will officially go into production soon. The campaign ends on May 5, 2019, at approximately 12:00 p.m. ET. Backers can pick up a Hydrade bottle for more than half off the estimated retail price of $75.