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Howspace adds Whereby video meeting integration to its digital facilitation platform

One feature of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the massive growth in tools and platforms to provide digital facilitation for remote teams.

And there have been a number of big winners, with the likes of Zoom, Slack, Teams, Trello, and many more cashing in. But, instead of one unified tool to rule them all, most remote workers have had to build a stack of solutions to help them work.

Today, Howspace has announced that it has launched Howspace Live, adding video meetings to its asynchronous communication platform. The addition plugs the last gap in its offering. Now, in addition to the existing capabilities of its workspaces, including chats, voting, polls, bookings, courses, tasks, and documents, its users can jump straight into video conversations with each other.

As with all other Howspace modules, adding video requires no coding, and is added with a simple drag and drop. As with Whereby’s full video conferencing offering, Howspace Live allows for instant connection to other workspace users, providing screen sharing, and recording.

That means participants can discuss a topic, progress with it using the workspace, and then someone else can come in at a later time, watch the recording, and add their efforts to those of others.

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Whereby’s leading video meeting platform to all Howspace users, without the need for additional apps, login credentials, or training,” Ilkka Mäkitalo, CEO at Howspace, said. “By adding real-time communication to our asynchronous digital facilitation solution, we’re giving users the chance to co-work in ways that haven’t been possible before, or that have required disconnected systems.”

There are no logins required, no links, and you can add a widget to let participants know when time is up. This makes it useful for breakout rooms, where attendees can split up into working groups, discuss, and then return to the main room to continue discussions.

The integration does come with some limitations at present. Howspace Live currently offers video meetings of up to 50 people, 12 with their video visible. That is less functional than a separate Zoom call, but the direct integration with the rest of the workspace does offer something that disparate tools can’t.

Howspace Live works in any supported browser, and is available from today – without additional charge – to all Howspace users.