HowApp wants to give childhood education an upgrade

Published on August 13, 2019

Technology has revolutionized the way we live our everyday lives. So it’s no surprise that the way we teach our kids is changing too. Online schooling and different websites have popped up over the years to give kids and parents an alternative to traditional schooling. In fact, many American families are turning their backs on the public education system which hasn’t changed much in decades. HowApp aims to bring all the joys of learning to the convenience of a smartphone app.

What is HowApp?

HowApp is a new-age take on childhood learning. A quick download to an Apple device allows both parents and kids to engage in the learning process together. The app features learning activities and videos that kids can do together and with their parents. The videos also feature step-by-step instructions so they’re easy to follow along with. But the app isn’t just for parents. Educators can use the app as a tool or resource for new ways to engage with their classrooms. It’s an easy way to see different topics and tools to add to their educational repertoire. 

Based in Berlin, Germany, HowApp was created by Lihan Deng after she had a child. She, like so many other parents, wanted a different educational experience for her child. She says she “suffered” at the hands of a traditional schooling system and didn’t want the same for her son. Deng saw the rise of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) education and put her tech background to use. She and the rest of the HowApp team developed an app to make learning a family experience that lets kids grow at their own pace.

Make HowApp your own experience.

HowApp content isn’t just limited to indoor tasks. And not every task on the app makes your kid sit at a desk. HowApp’s YouTube channel has videos with all kinds of activities for kids of all ages. Kids can enjoy monster footprint hopscotch or yoga. Have you ever wanted to see a baby’s take on string theory? There’s a video on that too. And the activities are easy to set up. Many of them use household items including eggs, sprinkles and water bottles

One of the best parts of the app is that its experience is customizable. Save bookmarks of all your favorite ideas and share them with others. Parents and educators alike can connect on the app and share ideas. You can even upload your own content. This feature not only benefits the parents but allows them to give direct feedback to educators and vice versa. This shows that HowApp has the potential to change not only the way parents teach their kids but how classrooms infuse technology with learning. 

HowApp is focused on “building a mobile school community” that engages everyone in the learning process. This can make learning fun for everyone involved and help kids learn in a way they can truly connect with. Plus, parents get the chance to bond with their kids by learning together. 

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