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How To Organize Your House Using Feng Shui Techniques

It’s normal to feel anxious and stressed with all the time spent at home these days during a quarantine. So here’s a proposal of changing your environment and keeping good energies in your house!

Feng Shui is a technique developed in China. It dates more than four thousand years back and consists of the belief of relation between you and the house.

To make this relationship harmonic, there’s techniques and theories to compose a healthy place and adjust energy vibrations. Our inside is clearly reflected in our outside.

Furthermore, organization can help our focus and to reach dreams and/or longtime goals. Through Gestalt Psychology experiments, it was noticed how a nervous systems reacts. Our brain tries to find pattern. Therefore, it’s possible to identify a kitchen bedroom or bathroom just looking at essential elements.

As a result of pattern, our brain puts it as an instinctive act. The Encyclopedia Britannica says that “the neural organization as well as the perceptual experience springs immediately into existence as an entire field with differentiated parts”.

Inspired to make some changes? Here’s some easy tips to get you started.

Bedroom Organization

Bedrooms are one of the most important parts to apply Feng Shui. Why? You release energy and it feels like somewhere safe to relax and chill. Dedicated to intimacy, trust, rest and to renew yourself for the next day.

The bed is room number one. To keep it in harmony, it has to touch a wall and face the front of the door, so you can see it when walk inside the room. But not with your feet right in front of it as well, in the opposite side is perfect to have full vision.

Another important point is for it not to be under a window because you may feel insecure. Clear colors are another tip: I bet you already heard about how colors can change your mood. And shock, color psychology is true. Green, pink, blue, purple or light brown are great colors to make you feel peaceful. In other hand, orange, red or yellow may make you feel super energetic and insomnia could start showing up.

Living Room

Mirrors are a really good bet for this location. Also, its important to explore daylight, so curtains are a good choice for this room!

According to Feng Shui, water attracts wealth. So, another tip is a fountain or an aquarium. And, to keep just good energy in your comfy cozy living room, plants are a great idea to “filter” the place.

Put furniture aligned and making a U format to make you feel protected. In this case, red elements or even one wall painted in red is a good option. But not extreme. Feng Shui thinks about the spaces as nature elements: fire, water, soil, metal and wood. So each place deserves a different color and “theme”.


Another sacred place is your kitchen. The place that you prepare food, keep energized and feeling good and prosperous. Keep it clean and ventilated. If you don’t have natural sunlight, is important to invest on this two items. A mirror can also expand your kitchen vision.

Set your stove in a place where who cooks can see the door is another good idea. The energy will circulate the house in a better way like this.

Colors like orange, yellow or green are important in your kitchen to represent abundance. It can be in objects, walls or paintings. Another part of it is express your personality on it so there’s no precise rules for this room.


This room is important for our focus and productivity. If you work or study there, preserving your work harmony is essential. Feng Shui organization will try to eliminate negative energy that may influence work and capacity.

Keeping old things that you don’t use anymore, drawer disorganization or a full cabinet, are some of our common mistakes that stop energy to flow. So take a day in this quarantine to organize it, why not?

Energetic colors are also recommended to this place: yellow, red, green, pink, purple and blue are good for this places. In other hand, brown makes you feel slower.

On the right side of a table you can put pictures or objects that represent people or special moments. It’s your memory side, so you can put colorful or metal objects and use your imagination on new designs.

The left side represents your prosperity so crystals and yellow objects are good to encourage prosperity. A lamp is also attractive to success just like plants for clean energy and to renew yourself!

In case you want to keep researching about it, there are some apps that may help you. Check it out!

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