How Jennifer H. Copus, Co-Founder of Copus & Copus, Uses Core Values to Create Lasting Client Relationships

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Published on December 11, 2022

Over the course of your life, it’s not uncommon to be faced with numerous challenges and setbacks. This goes for legal challenges that require dedicated attorneys to guide you through difficult times. For Jennifer H. Copus, Co-Founder at Copus & Copus, advocating for those with litigation, property, and contract issues is not just a job, but a fulfilling commitment to creating a lasting impact in the lives of clients. Together with a welcoming environment and quality work, Copus looks to create positive solutions with long-term relationships that are made to last.

Alongside Co-Founder and husband, Steven W. Copus, Copus leads a small firm that is big on service to those in Florida’s Okaloosa County and along the Emerald Coast. “The way we run our firm is exactly the way we were taught to run a firm by another firm we worked for before opening our firm. We do things exactly the way we did there and it has always worked for us,” she says. This includes strong relationships based on authenticity and relatability. “We’re more casual about things. That helps people to see you as a real person they can relate to, rather than being in a stuffy three-piece suit environment and huge conference room,” she says.” These qualities help the team at C&C stand out with an approach, unlike any other firm.

With a passion to produce quality work, Copus and her team strive to maintain healthy relationships with clients, no matter the outcome of a case. “As long as your client knows you were in their corner and working as hard as you could to do everything for them, they will come back to you time and time again,” she states. For that reason, being a trusted team that clients can rely on plays a key role in their day-to-day efforts to succeed. “We’ve had clients since before we opened our firm who have stayed with us all these years. We’ve done two or three lawsuits for them, prepared their estate planning documents, and closed real estate transactions,” she says. While outcomes certainly matter in the field of law, accomplishing good work and remaining a trusted individual for clients is also just as valuable.

Relying on strong relationships built over the years, Copus explains her firm’s approach to keeping clients walking through the doors. “We don’t do a lot of advertising. A lot of our clients are people we’ve known for years who just come back to us again and again,” she says. With decades of experience representing clients, she also values the need to pivot and adapt to client needs. “As our clients’ lives and businesses change over the years, their legal needs change as well. We are lucky that they continue to come back to us to assist along the way.”

Managing large issues in the lives of others, Copus remains dedicated to creating value and improving operations by offering clients the tailored legal guidance only a small firm can provide. “The biggest thing is getting away from the old-fashioned and stuffy kind of environment that you see in older more established law firms. The times have changed and people feel more comfortable in a casual environment that is friendly and welcoming,” she shares. This is a core value for C&C, which allows clients the comfort to discuss the largest of issues. “We want them to come back and feel free to drop in if they have a question. We also want our paralegals to have good relationships with our clients so they feel comfortable calling in and asking those questions,” she adds. As a result, Copus and her team remain a leading firm with substantial client relationships.

Looking ahead, Copus aims to maintain C&C’s values while making a lasting impact in the lives of every client. “We are going to continue to do good work, build our practice, and serve our clients the best we can. We’ve built a good foundation and we have to keep watering that plant to make sure it continues to grow and thrive.”

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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