How has the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout been so far?

Published on December 29, 2020

Last week the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine began its official rollout in the U.S. The Moderna vaccine is the second COVID-19 vaccine to be granted emergency use authorization by the F.D.A. Here’s how the rollout has gone so far.

The Good

Dr. Fauci received the Moderna vaccine. Fauci said he has only experienced minimal side effects and encouraged the American public to get the vaccine when it’s available to them. The Moderna vaccine does require the recipient to get two doses, just like the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. The Moderna vaccine does not have to be stored in the same -94 degrees Fahrenheit temperature like the Pfizer vaccine. The Moderna vaccine can be stored in temperatures akin to a typical freezer, which is around -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Moderna vaccine is 94% effective against preventing COVID-19. During the trials for the Moderna vaccine no participant developed a severe case of COVID-19. The Moderna vaccine is currently being administered to healthcare workers, as well as assisted living and nursing home residents and even firefighters.

The Bad

There has been one documented case of a doctor experiencing a severe, anaphylactic allergic reaction after getting the first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh came prepared with his Epi-Pen due to his history of a severe shellfish allergy. He administered his epinephrine when he started to experience a severe drop in blood pressure and a tingling tongue and throat. The CDC does recommend that anyone who experiences a severe reaction to the first dose of either COVID-19 vaccine should not get the second dose.

Symptoms of anaphylaxis to watch out for include hives, swelling of the face and throat, tingling in the throat and tongue, a drop in blood pressure, dizziness, fainting and even cramps. Anyone with a history of allergies should discuss a plan with their doctor before being vaccinated so they can be properly monitored. It is worth noting that so far, there has been only one documented case of a severe allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine, and Dr. Sadrzadeh has thankfully made a full recovery.

The Moderna vaccine has caused facial swelling in some recipients who have facial fillers.

So far the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines aren’t available to everyone in the general public just yet. It is important that anyone who has gotten one of the vaccines so far returns for a second dose for full efficacy. It’s only been less than a month for the rollout for both vaccines so there will likely be updated data when more people get both vaccines. Stay tuned for updates.

Katherine Stinson is an award-winning journalist and Staff Reporter at Grit Daily News, where she covers Texas and Southern states' startup and entrepreneurship news. Based in San Antonio, Texas, she also contributes to ScreenRant, Outlander TV News, and San Antonio Magazine.

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