How EverAfter is Reimagining Customer Onboarding and Retention

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 14, 2021

Customer success management is a tough process to execute in B2B companies these days. Often, the disconnect between the product and user experience leads to customer churn that could have been avoided. Recent studies indicate that customer churn costs companies $136 billion in the United States.

It’s a problem that Tel Aviv-based startup EverAfter has been tackling. Noa Danon, EverAfter’s co-founder and CEO, said “EverAfter provides technology that helps organizations personalize the customer experience from the moment the customer signs the initial contract, all the way through to the renewal, and expansion.” The no-code collaborative platform announced it has raised $13 million, completing a Seed Round led by TLV Partners and Vertex Ventures, alongside angel investors Benny Shneider, Zohar Gilon, and Amit Gilon. 

This news is evidence of the value that EverAfter provides its clients, like Taboola, AppsFlyer, and Verbit. Here are a few ways in which it helps companies manage customer success portals and manage partners.

Unlimited Customization

Most companies’ default approach to growing business has been to sign more clients and more deals. However, this process leads to bloat and a lack of personalization that ticks customers off. These days, customers expect highly-tailored experiences and products that meet their unique needs.

Customer retention practices balanced with pursuing new opportunities are what help companies grow their client base. EverAfter allows companies to simplify client onboarding by helping them create customized interfaces. For instance, a customer might have a complicated task approval workflow with different roles requiring access while another might have a simple one with just a single role approving work.

Shahar Tzafir of TLV Partners, observed that, “A tectonic shift has happened in enterprises over the past few years. Revenue upsell and churn reduction have shifted in responsibility from the sales teams to the post-sales customer-facing teams. They are the ones who onboard, retain, and expand usage. They are the face of the organization. EverAfter allow these business-critical teams to execute at their best.”

EverAfter’s drag and drop interface helps CSM employees create tailored customer journeys. These experiences extend to every aspect of customer handling and retention. For instance, CSM employees can share customized widgets and KPIs to specific roles within their customer teams.

A billing team can receive invoices and billing data, while a high-level executive can view dashboards summarizing task progress and scheduling data. Thanks to tailored experiences like this, companies can quickly provide their customers with the data they need and strengthen their relationships.

Better Preparation

Thanks to creating a centralized hub that collects all information related to partner resources and customer workflows, companies can quickly gather relevant information before meetings. CSMs can ensure their customer data is relevant and clean at all times.

Partner management employees can quickly share product information that helps vendors pitch the product in a highly relevant manner. These features remove the need to maintain multiple data sources that require manual intervention.

Thanks to a fully integrated platform, viewing performance metrics is simple. For instance, measuring the effectiveness of a customer success or vendor performance program is simple because all necessary data is gathered in a single place.

All these factors come together to increase the efficiency of the customer lifecycle and make it easy for CSMs to showcase their creativity.

Automated Content

A problem that CSM and PRM teams routinely encounter is displaying relevant content to different roles. For instance, a vendor might need technical information present elsewhere in the company’s tech stack. In this situation, a PRM employee has to manually download data and share it with the vendor.

The problem compounds when a vendor needs access to CRM data. Most platforms don’t offer the ability to integrate the customer-to-vendor lifecycle. EverAfter offers a fully integrated, white-labeled solution that brings everyone onto the same page.

Companies can customize the look and feel of their customer and vendor portals for seamless experiences. For instance, vendors can instantly upload new leads’ information into their portals and update the CRM directly. This reduces the time a company needs to react to a new lead and increases the probability of securing new deals.

PRM teams can manage product content in a single location and make it easier for vendors to understand features better. The result is that vendors truly become partners instead of loosely integrated affiliates.

Better Experiences, More Revenue

Thanks to EverAfter’s solution suite, companies can now create seamless experiences for their customers and vendors. Aside from creating more efficient experiences, they can realize more ROI by integrating all their workflows onto a single platform.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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