How Creativity in Real Estate Is the Secret to Success for David Orlick

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 6, 2024

There’s no place like home. Most of us enjoy life’s most precious moments in the comfort of our four walls. So why can’t the home buying or selling process be enjoyable, too?

Fun is a by-product of David Orlick’s authentic and creative approach to real estate. But his creativity is also a tool, opening up tailored outcomes and memorable experiences that outlast the details of a transaction. As a Realtor and the Owner of The DORS Group, he has made thinking outside the box a coveted attribute for real estate agents in NH.

“You are not a transaction,” David Orlick says. “We are highly creative and go above and beyond what most realtors offer. We never use our phone for pictures—everything is done at the highest quality to get you the highest return.”

Creativity manifests itself in various ways. For The DORS Group, it’s about treating each client individually and allowing a buyer’s desires and a seller’s unique property to take precedence. David Orlick sheds light on three areas where being creative leads to enjoyable real estate experiences:

Adaptable abilities

His background is diverse, his skillset is renowned, and his enthusiasm is all-inclusive. Cutting-edge marketing is available to all David Orlick’s clients, regardless of their budget.

From professional photography to 3D tours, equipping every seller with the tools to maximize their property’s appeal is critical to his creative approach. Likewise, he puts buyers’ needs to the forefront, listening intently to their deepest aspirations.

While catering to all ends of the residential spectrum, David Orlick and The DORS Group specialize in veterans, downsizers, and first-time buyers. Ex-military personnel benefit from David’s Veterans United Home Loans certification, downsizers can leverage his first-hand experience, and those new to the housing market can revel in his willingness to educate.

But true versatility shines in David’s appreciation for a property’s unique characteristics. Just as clients’ ambitions vary, homes are distinct, and harnessing those standout features is crucial to propagate every purchase and secure every sale.

Vibrant viewings

If there’s a more tangible way that creativity emanates from David Orlick where it doesn’t from other real estate agents in NH, it’s his viewings. The Realtor’s passion comes alive when he can liven up an open house: “We like to look at what everyone else does and then do us—we don’t do the expected.”

Halloween engulfs David’s listings in October—client-willing, of course. Meanwhile, interested home buyers might encounter unexpected visitors during Easter and the festive season. The result of this sprinkle of excitement is more grounded in reality: multiple Homesnap Customer Service Awards from 2020 to 2021.

Altruistic activities

David Orlick is keen to prove that generosity is in no short supply among real estate agents in NH. He’s happy to point buyers and sellers in the direction of a colleague if they might be of better assistance, as his office covers a significant proportion of transactions in the state. But The DORS Group’s altruism mirrors the good-natured reputation that Keller Williams, its parent brokerage, is known for.

“Once a year on ‘Red Day,’ we do community service,” David explains. “From walking dogs to mending fences, we are all out there making sure our community is taken care of.” It’s an occasion that echoes Keller Williams’s annual $100,000 charitable donations.

In that spirit, David has some tips that could transform the perspective of anyone entering the property market. “Trust the process,” he says. “Although it may seem contrary to what you think will work, our process is proven.”

“Listen to your agent,” the Realtor continues. “There is a reason you hired us, so take advantage of our experience.”

Among David Orlick’s other advice for buyers is to exercise patience and expect a few bumps in the road before finding ‘the one.’ For sellers, he recommends keeping listing prices reasonable, even when there’s high demand, because buyers still need to believe in your valuation.

In a market dominated by transaction volumes, corporate jargon, and financial favoritism, something is refreshing about what David Orlick and The DORS Group are doing. Where other real estate agents in NH focus on expediting the process to get deals over the line, David’s efforts demonstrate the practical value of characterful and dynamic service.

The best real estate agent in New Hampshire for you is the one that will make you happy. So ignore the noise and put yourself first—the rest will follow.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.

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