When Disney announced the arrival of its own streaming platform, Disney+ last year, fans began to speculate just how far the entertainment giant would go in creating new content to add to its already massive library. The company began scaling back on its deals with other streaming platforms like Netflix, forcing Netflix and Hulu to create more original content. It seems, though, that Disney also has some plans for original content in its future. CEO Bob Iger announced this week that Disney will be “reimagining” classic family favorites like “Home Alone” and “Cheaper By The Dozen” for its new streaming platform, Disney+.

Disney+ Original Content

Disney confirmed that it would be venturing into the world of streaming back in April. To prepare, the company has been slowly revealing a plan for original content that would be exclusive to the streaming service as a means of drawing in consumers from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon PrimeTV. The entertainment giant acquired the entire library of 20th Century Fox entertainment for $71 billion recently, meaning that the library of Disney+ content will be a lot more vast than consumers initially anticipated. That, combined with the fact that Disney also owns Marvel, Star Wars, and ESPN, means that a massive amount of mainstream content is about to be released on one, affordable monthly membership ($6.99—which is far cheaper than Netflix or Hulu).

The entertainment giant recently revealed a plan for new Marvel content that will span the next couple of years. In that plan, a handful of new movies and shows will be released exclusively on Disney+. Fans of the Star Wars franchise can also expect to find every single Star Wars movie available on the platform. Disney has not confirmed whether or not it will be releasing new Star Wars content on Disney+, but judging by its plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can bet that it will come at some point.

For kids and families, however, Disney will be creating more exclusive content to be released on the platform in the coming years. Movies such as “Home Alone,” “Cheaper By The Dozen,” and “Night At The Museum” will be re-created under the Disney name and released on Disney+. In a conference call to investors on Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger said, “We are also focused on leveraging Fox’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on our… platforms — for example, reimagining ‘Home Alone,’ ‘Night at the Museum,’ ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ and ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ for a new generation on Disney.”


While social media reactions over the announcement of the “Home Alone” remake are generally negative, not everyone is upset about it. Macaulay Culkin, the star of the original “Home Alone” responded to the announcement with jest that he would love to be involved in the project. In a Tweet posted to his account on Wednesday, Culkin joked that an updated version of “Home Alone” would simply depict Kevin (the name of Culkin’s “Home Alone” character) sitting on a couch with his laptop and a plate of food. Judging by how bad the sequels to “Home Alone” were once Culkin became too old to play the role and had to be replaced, Disney should have let this one go.