Holistic Care: Transform Your Approach to Healing

Published on May 6, 2020

Under conventional medicine, any chronic illness or condition that we may have gets treated according to the symptoms that accompany it. It is sporadic if it even happens at all that treatment encompasses special considerations that are unique to us as individuals. It’s the reason why so many are frustrated with the “healing” that they get; the symptoms get better for a while, but they nevertheless come back.

If you are tired of the way that conventional medicine fails to provide the healing that you deserve, holistic care may be for you. And if you need motivation on getting started on it, here are some of the reasons why it is worthy of your attention, and how it can change your whole approach to healing.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is not a new practice, though it has only recently reasserted itself back, as far as popular consciousness is concerned. It traces its roots as far back as 5,000 years ago, in traditional Greek, Indian, and Chinese treatments. However, the advent of advancements in science and medicine pushed it back to the background around the 20th century, as people discovered new types of treatments for diseases and medical conditions.

Today, it returns as people get tired of the limitations of conventional medicine. In fact, according to the American Holistic Health Association or AHHA, the main reason for the comeback of holistic medicine may be attributed to people’s dissatisfaction with the range of treatments that are available to them through conventional medicine practices and philosophies. And there are plenty of good reasons for that. 

It’s the reality that conventional medicine skirts around the necessity for accounting for the rest of your lifestyle, where your treatment is concerned. The AHHA says that traditional medical care impacts only about ten percent of your results, while lifestyle affects them by more than fifty percent. As such, there should be a greater focus on integrating healthy choices into your life, so that you can expect better health.

That is what holistic medicine does. It aims to treat you as a whole, rather than a block of segments that make up a whole. You see, conventional medicine treats each symptom and condition as it comes, but fails to approach it from a holistic point of view. This results in a disconnect between the way that you live and the quality of life that you expect when we should be aligning the way that we live according to the quality of life that we expect.

Holistic medicine looks at not only the body in treating medical conditions, but it also monitors the mind and the spirit. It hopes to help the patient achieve the balance that he or she needs so that he or she can gain the true healing that is required.

Approaches of Holistic Medicine to Healing

Contrary to popular belief, holistic medicine does not shirk conventional medicine in its pursuit of providing healing to patients. It makes use of it and supplements it with alternative therapies to bring about balance for the body, mind, and spirit. This equips your holistic care practitioner with the ability to analyze various aspects that make up your life, which all contribute to the status of your health. These include nutrition, spirituality, lifestyle choices, and your environment.

In my experience, I have found that the usual prescriptions my doctor used to give me for my persistent headaches did nothing to cure the headaches; they only made them a bit better. It took me a long time to realize that many of the things that I do in my everyday life were instrumental to the development of the pain, and when I stopped doing them, I no longer needed to take the pain relievers that my doctor gave me. Later, when I finally had the guidance of my very own holistic care practitioner, she helped me make more adjustments that ultimately freed me from the headaches.

This one-on-one level of support is another of the main advantages that holistic care has over conventional medicine. Of course, doctors care about their patients, but they don’t really delve into the minutes and nuances that are inherent in the lives of their patients, and so can’t offer the personal guidance that a patient sometimes needs. My holistic care practitioner made sure that I knew that I had her to run to if ever I feel like I needed support. Other practitioners of comprehensive care share this: they believe that unconditional love is the best form of medicine there is, and they integrate it into their practices in the kind of unbridled support, appreciation, hope, and enthusiasm. They also use these to counter the harmful effects of emotions such as fear, hostility, and anger.

Besides, holistic care seeks to uncover the real underlying issue that causes medical conditions. This makes it easier for patients to make full use of the time and cost involved in healing, as well as equips them to understand their diseases better. As such, they are empowered to make better choices that can better impact their health.

Getting Started with Holistic Care In Greece

A health retreat is a treat for your mind, body, and spirit in Greece. The approach is holistic, drawn from the wisdom of ancient Greeks, who understood the importance of harmony between body and soul. But it is not the only reason to choose a healthcare retreat in Greece to be the birthplace of the holistic approach. The natural beauty and very few places in the world provide such diverse scenery in a limited region, which is equally significant.

Fully aware of this competitive benefit and to help people bond with nature, the organizers select areas where it will be most beneficial. Most members want to teach outside. Mountain yoga aims to oxygenate the body, and they claim that it activates flows; reflection on sunset gives inner calm. Also, the food is hand-picked, which ensures that it is seasonal from your Hotel in Samos, Greece.

A wide variety of retreats are available. Some of them deliver exercise or water sports with high intensity while others take time to sightsee and feast your body, mind, and soul with the beautiful scenery. You may take a vacation in a resort villa an hour’s drive from Athens, in a quiet mountain village, or on a cruise ship that calls on all the must-see Cycladic islands.

Finally, holistic care hopes to encourage patients to strive for optimal wellness instead of just curing ills and pains. And it does this by guiding patients to adopt and live the best possible qualities involved in physical, mental, and spiritual help.

John O. Brooks is a Columnist at Grit Daily. An online entrepreneur and full-time freelance writer, writing is his passion.

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