High Quality CBD? No Longer A Pipe Dream…

By Brian Wallace Brian Wallace has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 30, 2019

CBD is sold everywhere from your corner convenience store to a person you barely know on Facebook’s ‘home based business.’ But with few regulations regarding its growing practices, extraction methods, and manufacturing, how do you know you’re actually getting what you pay for? Finding high quality CBD is an issue for those who use it for the various ailments it is reported to treat, but even reputable retailers are jumping on board.

CVS And Walgreens Are Already Selling CBD

Now that hemp is legal at the federal level and more states are following suit, pharmacy conglomerates are looking for ways to cash in on the trend while providing consumers with a relative assurance of quality.

CVS is already selling CBD products in eight states, while Walgreens is rolling out CBD products in its stores in nine states. Elevate Hemp is one of the first brands featured in CVS stores. The company’s stated mission is to change the way people deal with pain, pushing aside less healthy options like opioids and using more natural options like CBD that are relatively free of side-effects.

Walgreens has taken the bold step of officially legitimizing medical cannabis, pointing to its legitimate medical use for some 300 years, though don’t expect to be able to purchase it there anytime soon. What can be found on their shelves in the meantime is a variety of CBD patches, creams, and sprays.

These major pharmacy chains join retailers such as Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, and Sephora in selling increasingly popular hemp products.

More CBD Products Because Hemp Is Finally Legal Federally

In December President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law, rolling back decades of Prohibition against hemp at the Federal level. Many states had already begun rolling back legal hurdles for commercial and research hemp growers, and this latest development has made it easier for farmers to purchase seed stock and for manufacturers to sell outside of their states.

CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC are legal to sell across the nation unless state or local laws prohibit it. The FDA, however, plans to crack down on unproven health claims associated with legal CBD and other hemp products. While CBD has some clinical evidence to support therapeutic efficacy for several diseases and ailments, these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

How Do You Find High Quality CBD?

With the current hemp boom, it is being sold everywhere including places you least expect. But not all of the items labeled as CBD actually contain any at all. Labeling laws are lacking for this newly legalized product.

When you do evaluate the evidence and make a decision to try CBD, you need to weigh your options carefully and do your research.

Look for independent lab testing for whatever product you are buying. Ask about growing conditions of the hemp itself — hemp is a bio-accumulator so organic and/or indoor growing go a long way to ensure purity. Look for dosing information and proper storage containers.

Learn more about finding high quality CBD.

By Brian Wallace Brian Wallace has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brian Wallace is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and podcast host. He is the Founder and President of NowSourcing and has been featured in Forbes, TIME, and The New York Times. Brian previously wrote for Mashable and currently writes for Hacker Noon, CMSWire, Business 2 Community, and more. His Next Action podcast features entrepreneurs trying to get to the next level. Brian also hosts #LinkedInLocal events all over the country, promoting the use of LinkedIn among professionals wanting to grow their careers.

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