Here Is Everything Coming To Disney+ April 2020

Published on April 6, 2020

With the COVID-19 shutdowns impacting businesses around the globe, the entertainment industry has been forced to a near-halt despite the new influx of content coming to Disney+. Production on upcoming films and shows has stopped globally, and films that were once slated to hit theaters have either been delayed or released to the world of streaming.

Disney fans are at an advantage here, as movies that would have otherwise been in theaters for awhile longer are starting to hit the company’s streaming platform. Onward, one of the highly anticipated Pixar films that hit theaters last month, has already been released on the streaming platform in an effort to salvage the film’s reputation.

After hitting record lows in the box office, Pixar has determined that the response was more likely due to the virus than it was the movie itself. You can stream Onward on the streaming platform already, but here is everything else coming to Disney+ April 2020:

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