Here Are Some Black Food Bloggers That You Should Be Following

Published on June 23, 2020

Ready to color up that feed and kitchen of yours and want to know how to do it? With the Black Lives Matter movement spreading across the world like wildfire, there are many starting to do more like supporting local Black business.

Supporting those shops and restaurants and many other Black-owned businesses that are in your state or city is a good start, but there is a ton you can do to support Black creators from around the world. Even when you can’t protest with others, something as simple as following and researching more Black influencers could play a small role in the bigger picture. 

Black influencers get paid a lot less than other races out there who are doing the same things as them. So, why don’t we do our part by helping out? Here are some boss black food bloggers that you can follow and dress up those boring meals that you’ve been preparing. 

Jessica In The Kitchen 

Jessica is an award-winning vegan and vegetarian chef. She shares her passion for cooking the utmost healthy and delicious foods. You can also check out her ebook here. 

Millie Peartree 

Mille Peartree is a soul food cook that we all need in our life. She creates different types of soul food recipes and puts her own twist on them.


Renz is your “unprofessional chef” quoted in her bio that can serve up some authentic Caribbean foods. If you’re craving some Caribbean cuisine hit up Renz, she has your back. 

Meiko and the Dish

Meiko and the Dish is a food blogger who serves you up all the dishes that you want to add to your recipe book immediately.

Grand Baby Cakes

Jocelyn Delk Adams is the owner of Grand Baby Cakes. She is an author, tv personality, and blogger inspired by her grandmother. 

Unapologetically Royal Chef

Vonda Taylor is a private chef, blogger, and a woman who is just obsessed with food. She cooks up whatever comes to mind from fish to pasta to her swanky tacos. 

Miss Nu Foodie

Miss Nu Foodie is just your average girl from California who loves to cook a lot. I feel like I can taste her food through her Instagram feed; it looks delicious, and I know its already good from looking at it. 

Cooks With Soul 

Husband and wife team here to give us love through the world of food. They are not only here to give you a taste of their perfect food but their lovely family to go with it. 

Our Perfect Palette 

The name says it all here. The Perfect Palette is here to serve you up recipes that are perfect for that palette of yours.

The Hungry Hutch 

Aaron Hutcherson is an NYC based recipe developer, food writer, and of course, professional eater I mean duh of course, and he will not disappoint.

Inspired Chick 

A mom of three sharing her food skills and mom skills at the same time. She’s an inspired mama that everyone should look up to, and her recipes are the bomb.  

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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