Healthline Parenthood is a new resource for modern parents

Published on October 20, 2019

Being a parent is hard enough. It takes a toll on many aspects of life and so much attention has to be put on the children. Parents often push their needs to the side to accomplish it all. Millennials and  Gen Z adults are putting more of an emphasis on their mental health, the healthcare resource Healthline Media has launched Healthline Parenthood for parents to look out for themselves so they can be better parents.  

What is Healthline Parenthood?

Healthline Parenthood is a resource for modern parents who believe that their health is just as important as their child’s. Different articles talk about various issues having to do with a parent’s needs like dealing with anxiety as a new parent, bodily changes, and how postpartum depression can affect fathers. 

“Becoming a parent is overwhelming and complex. Whether it is preparing for parenthood, getting pregnant, pregnancy, or baby’s first year, parents go through a transformative journey that impacts their hormonal, emotional, physical, and mental well-being,” said Dria de Botton Barnes, General Manager of Healthline Parenthood in a news release. “We are confident that Healthline Parenthood will quickly establish itself as a go-to resource for modern parents-to-be and new parents who prioritize their own well-being and proactively seek guidance so they can take better care of their families.” 

What content does Healthline Parenthood have?

Healthline Parenthood breaks down its content into four stages:

Each of these deals with the specific content mentioned. And they allow users to find the right kind of information that pertains to where they are in their parental journey. Most importantly, the articles on Healthline are all first-person experiences. Each article was written by someone who faced that challenge. But, each post is also reviewed by an expert in the field to make sure everything is accurate. This way you get the information you need in the most accurate way. 

Of course, Healthline Parenthood gives help and advice on how to deal with different aspects of being a new parent. There are resources for people trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, or just had a child. And there are even articles on the website about those supporting a pregnant partner. 

But it also serves as a resource for the parents’ needs. Parents deal with so much having children and their lives don’t end just because they have become parents. There are posts about getting your sex life back on track after having children and the shame that new parents can feel about doing things for themselves after having children.

Young adults are more open about mental health.

Young adults are more likely to talk about their mental health problems. Pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a child are complicated times in a person’s life. So it’s important to have resources for these adults who will be seeking out this kind of information. 

People are taking pregnancy and the rights of pregnant people seriously, too. Earlier this year, Nike came under fire when it was discovered that it penalized sponsored athletes after they became pregnant. After some professional athletes like Alysia Montaño called the company out, Nike changed its policy. Although Nike made this change, many people still worry about how having children will affect their careers. In fact, many people plan pregnancies around their careers so they can try to have a family without too many consequences to their incomes. 


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