Health and Wellness Podcasts That Will Inspire You — Yes, Even In Quarantine

Published on April 29, 2020

As we are all confined to our homes and are forced to come up with fun and entertaining things to occupy our time, getting used to this new normal has become something that everyone is trying to adjust to. We are all trying new things, maybe working out more and trying to keep up our sanity, health, and wellbeing. During this time, I have been making sure that my mental health is my top priority, along with my other things that I need to keep track of.

Being stuck at home and seeing the same four-walls every day may become annoying. I started to feel this way until I came upon a motivational podcast on Spotify, then I began to look up health and wellness podcasts on Spotify and let me tell you; the options are endless.

Here are some podcasts that I have been listening to that can benefit anyone. I’m sure they can help you stay positive and keep you busy throughout this time.

Motivation For Women

Motivation For Women is a podcast that’s dedicated to all my women out there. Theresa Hayes gives you a raw and unapologetic message from the comfort of her bedroom. Theresa talks about the trials that she went through in her life to help other women discover or, as Theresa says it, “rediscover how extraordinary fulfilled we really are.”

Motivation For Moms 

This podcast is for the moms out there who need a talk mom to mom. Motivation For Moms is a podcast by Sara Muender. She talks to moms about real things that mothers go through, and reassures her audience that it’s okay to have a breakdown once in a while. This podcast is a personal development show to help moms get out of a rut and assist with leading a better life for themselves and other things like making sure they are leading a healthy and well productive life for themselves as well as for their families.

Wellness Plus Podcast

Wellness Plus Podcasts is a podcast that talks about everything. This podcast features interviews with health professionals on every health and wellness topic that you can think of. Wellness Plus has podcasts on issues with mental health, insomnia, nutrition, and more. These topics are things that many people go through or struggle with every day, and instead of just brushing through the dos and don’ts, these interviews will leave you will all that you need to know and more.


A podcast that features experts and real people who share their stories on how mindful practices have affected their lives for the better. This is a podcast that gets people from business leaders to authors to tell their story of how they practice the art of mindfulness and meditation and how you can incorporate this practice into your everyday routine.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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