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Stream it While You Can: ‘Happy Endings’

Streaming is at an all-time high, so here at Grit Daily, we want to provide you with the right comfort food recommendations. Shows that can ease the mind, maybe provide some laughs, and most of all, pass the time. One exceptional option to get the job done? ABC’s tragically short-lived comedy series, Happy Endings. Produced by the directing duo behind Avengers: Endgame, Anthony and Joe Russo, the comedy series is pure delightfulness. It’s a story of friendship that could warm the coldest of hearts.

Happy Endings

The Chicago-set series is almost 1,200 hours of divine entertainment. The series, which is about a group of friends in Chicago, was a riot from the start. Unlike most TV shows, Happy Endings knew exactly what it was and who its characters were from the very beginning. Few big network comedies are as consistent and as clever Happy Endings. Because the show only lasted in two seasons, it’s so airtight without any misses of episodes or saggy storylines to remember. 

A Big Heart

Even the opening credits of Happy Endings stirs up warm feelings. It captures the kind-hearted spirit of the show. There’s such a sweetness to the ABC show. The friends truly love and care for another. During this time of self-isolation, these are the friends some viewers will want in their lives. Their tight friendship is so infectious and a reminder of what we love about our best circle of friends. What a great group of friends, too. It’s hard not to love the entire ensemble, flaws and all. They’ll remind you of so many people you know and love in your own life, which is a part of the show’s winning charm. 

Perfect Comfort Food

Happy Endings isn’t empty calories as far as comfort food goes. It has substance, it has something to say about relationships, and it’s arguably even groundbreaking because of a character played by Adam Pally. Few LGBTQ characters were that real in major network comedies at the time. Even today, Pally’s character, Max, is a breath of fresh air. 

There’s not a mean-spirited bone in Happy Endings, either. It’s so damn kind-hearted and sweet. The characters and show as a whole are so loving. It’s the perfect feel-good show for our times. There’s heartbreak, disappointment, and as many losses as wins on Happy Endings, but kindness typically wins. The ABC show is escapism without completely escaping reality. Sometimes the show is broad and cooky, but never unreal. The creators and stars of Happy Endings knew just how to keep one foot in reality, the other foot in lunacy.

Could We See Happy Endings Again?

Over the last few years, there’s been talk at ABC about bringing the show back. Now that the show’s producers, the Russo Brothers, are mega stars, maybe their names today could help the series find an even bigger audience today. Then again, the fanbase for Happy Endings has only grown larger over the last few years. Thanks to Hulu, so many people have fallen head over heels for the show. It’s such a rewarding and enjoyable show to revisit, too. 

There’s an audience there for more Happy Endings. The show’s creators and stars are game to return, but there’s never been any major news about the comedy returning to TV. In this day and age, it’s perfect for Hulu. Higher-ups at ABC love the show, the low ratings be damned, and hopefully one day they give it another shot. 

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