The 9 Best Handheld Sewing Machine Picks of 2022

Published on April 4, 2021

It might be 2022, but in-life fashion mishaps like a torn seam or ripped jeans require the non-digital magic of a sewing machine. When people hear “sewing machine” they typically think of the clunky and heavy machines that definitely wouldn’t fit in a purse. 

However, there are some great handheld sewing machines on the market that won’t break the bank. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best mortar and pestles of 2022

Choosing the Best Handheld Sewing Machine 

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What makes a good sewing machine? While shoppers in general buy products for a multitude of reasons, there are a few consistent criteria that works when someone wants to choose a good sewing machine. Consider these aspects before choosing a good sewing machine. 

  • Size: A handheld sewing machine doesn’t necessarily translate to a portable sewing machine. Are you looking for more of a small machine to keep at home, or one you can carry in a purse? Consider that before a purchase. 
  • Effectiveness: It’s another aspect based on why there’s a need to purchase a sewing machine in the first place. Do you need one for small fixes, like rips or tears? Perhaps something that’ll save the day at a wedding? Something that’ll sew through the thickest of fabrics? Effectiveness is vital. Some of these machines are more portable, but others are a bit larger, which helps with even more secure stitches. 
  • Accessories: Do you want just the sewing machine, or some additional accessories? Some machines come with extra bobbins and a needle. Others even include a pair of scissors. 

The following sewing machines are top-rated and match a lot of the criteria noted above. Check the full list out of the 9 best handheld sewing machines below. 

The 9 Best Handheld Sewing Machines of 2022 

There are a lot of sewing machines out there. Which one is worth your money? Which one will last? Check out our top nine picks. 

1. Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

This nifty mini sewing machine can be battery operated or plugged in the old fashioned way. The Magicfly comes with a safety needle-guard, two speeds mode, sewing sleeves, three types of sewing needles, a 42 piece sewing accessory set, an anti-slip rubber pad and an extension table. While this machine is slightly larger than some of the other handheld machines, it has more consistent favorable reviews overall. 

  • Many reviewers backed up the company’s claim that this machine was great for beginners. One praised that the machine took up minimal space, while another reviewer posted their first ever successful sewing project they made with the Magicfly. 
  • Comes with a lot of accessories and is available in a vibrant pink, blue or white
  • Currently ranked number one in industrial machines 
  • This machine is more expensive
  • Not as portable as some of the other machines on this list This is not dishwasher safe 
  • One reviewer said this product was not ideal for kids
  • Not ideal for a user wanting to be able to carry their handheld machine in their purse. It’s still small, handheld and portable, but it is bigger than some of the other machine options 

2. W-Dragon Handheld Sewing Machine

First off, the W-Dragon sewing machine  will cost you less than two trips to Starbucks. This model has a built-in tension control knob, a thread hole, a power switch with a safety lock, a set screw and presser foot. This sewing machine is portable, can be battery-operated and is made from environmentally friendly materials. The company says this machine works well with silks, denim, wool, leather and crafts. 

  • It’s cheap, with a price of $11.99
  • One reviewer said, “It was cheap and pretty useful,” and shared photos of the machine 
  • Works with a wide range of materials 
  • Many of the reviews are for a different product 
  • It’s a single-thread sewing machine, so users have to tie a knot by themselves. 
  • The necessary 4 AA batteries are not included 

3. Buyfitcase Portable Sewing Machine

The fifth portable, handheld sewing machine on this list is currently number one in new releases for sewing machines. This sewing machine has a rotary wheel adjustment, which helps the user precisely control their stitches. There is also a fastening plate which secures the fabric during a stitching session, which adds to the products overall effectiveness. The Buyfitcase sewing machine can be battery-operated, making it a perfect device for a sew on the go. 

  • Portable and battery operated 
  • Designed for efficient and secure stitching 
  • No sewing needle required 
  • This machine is single-thread, meaning the user has to tie a knot by themselves 
  • Some reviewers reported being sent a different product entirely 
  • A lot of the five star reviews are for a different product 

4. Jeteven Mini Electric Sewing Machine

This cute mini sewing machine is another perfect product for the beginning sewer. This machine is handheld and portable comes with a two-speed control foot pedal and an expansion table for larger projects. The Jeteven also comes with scissors, bobbins, thread, a needle threader, measuring tape, a gift box to package it in, and more. 

  • The reviews are all for the actual product and not another product entirely 
  • One reviewer said “The color is also very pretty in real life. This sewing machine is worth every penny.”
  • Very decently priced for the amount of extra accessories. 
  • Comes with a built in night light 
  • Another reviewer said their Jeteven failed to function properly and wasn’t easy to use
  • Not as small as some of the other portable, handheld sewing machines 
  • Only comes in dark purple
  • Not the product for someone just needing a small machine for small repairs 

5. iRUNTEK Handheld Sewing Machine

The iRUNTEK sewing machine is small and has a unique design specifically for ease of use. This is another machine that can run on battery or electric power and it does come with a USB cable among other accessories. This machine also comes equipped with a thread cutter which helps the user cut excess thread after finishing a project. 

  • A lot of accessories: 2 threaders, 1 needle, 1 extension spindle, 4 bobbins, 1 pair of scissors, measuring tape, 1 USB cable, and 1 plastic tweezer 
  • Several reviews praised how easy it was to use and that it met expectations 
  • The price is less than twenty dollars and you get a lot of accessories
  • The handle design is meant for a more comfortable experience 
  • Only 16 reviews
  • One customer said you could stitch with this machine but not embroider 
  • The USB can be used for the power supply but not for charging 

6. TailorBox Handheld Sewing Machine

The TailorBox sells itself on its ease of use and its accompanying 105 accessories. Not only that but you do get a box to carry the actual machine and accessories in, which definitely adds to the overall convenience of the product. Another plus for the TailorBox is that it arrives already installed. 

  • Thirty dollars for a handheld sewing machine and 105 sewing accessories seems like a pretty good deal 
  • One reviewer said it was easy enough for her eleven year old to use
  • Another reviewer praised the product’s ease of use, saying she was able to use the TailorBox to sew her high-heeled shoe straps back together 
  • One reviewer said the instruction manual was hard to read and they couldn’t find contact info for the seller 
  • Rated 3.7 out of 5 based off of 135 reviews 
  • Reviews are mixed.

7. Amazing Creations 2 in 1 Mini Sewing Machine

The Amazing Creations Mini Sewing Machine is by far the smallest machine on the list so far. This kit is perfect for someone who wants to easily fit all of their sewing materials in a purse and not take up the whole bag. This is a manual machine, so a user doesn’t even have to worry about a power supply or buying batteries. 

  • Accessories: 4 extra bobbins, 1 long pole, 1 needle kit, 1 needle threader, 1 pair of scissors and 1 spindle.
  • You get 2 mini sewing machines for the price of one 
  • The price is extremely reasonable 
  • Several reviewers said they had difficulty figuring out how to use it and that it didn’t come with instructions 
  • The size would not be ideal for a larger sewing repair 
  • Reviews are mixed but at least they are all solely for the sewing machine  

8. Amazing Creations Easy Stitch Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Amazing Creations has another decently priced handheld sewing machine on this list. This machine is about five dollars more expensive than the 2 in 1 mini sewing machine. However, this machine is bigger and more durable. This machine is low noise, easily portable, and includes an adjustable needle and other accessories. The handle is ergonomically designed and easy to use one-handed for the sewer on the go. 

  • The seller offers a full 30 day guarantee for any refunds 
  • Has a front thread cutter and 2 speeds 
  • Reviewers praised it for being cute, doing a good job and having good value 
  • The handle design seems to be more efficient and comfortable 
  • One reviewer said their needle had to constantly be lowered with each seam 
  • One reviewer said they never got a refund 
  • Ideal for fabrics less than 1.8 mm thick. 

9. ZEROTONE Handheld Sewing Machine

Topping off the list is the cute pink ZEROTONE machine, perfect as an adorable gift for any beginning sewer. This machine has a built in safety lock and comes equipped with 10 bobbins, 1 pair of scissors, 1 practice cloth, 12 safety pins, 2 types of threaders, 1 spare needle, and an extended spindle. The product is versatile and works on a variety of materials for overall customer satisfaction with a decently priced product. 

  • The color is the perfect shade for pink lovers and the price won’t break the bank 
  • The customer service team says they’ll get back to any customer with an inquiry within 24 hours 
  • One reviewer praised this product, saying it was easy to use and she was able to successfully use it to mend her husband’s dress pants 
  • Most of the reviews are generally positive, with one reviewer saying “No prior sewing experience required”
  • The safety lock is a nice bonus 
  • One of the sole bad reviews said this product was not worth the money.
  • There are only 17 global ratings for the product
  • If you don’t like pink this isn’t the product for you, as there is no other color option available . 

In Conclusion 

There are countless handheld sewing machines available on the market, but the search really comes down to double checking the details. Does the product have a lot of reviews for something else entirely? Is the size suitable for your needs? Do you care about the product color? 

The most important thing to check, of course, is to see if the product actually can hold a stitch. Without that one vital aspect, every other part of the product is essentially meaningless. If you can’t sew on the go what’s the point of purchasing a portable product that can’t aid you in crucial sewing tasks? A handheld sewing machine can be a true lifesaver, just make sure to check reviews, the refund policy, durability, accessories, and of course, the price for the best purchase possible. 

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