New Food Delivery Startup HalfPosh Serves its Market Niche in Portions

Published on February 21, 2019

Food startups are emerging in this age of necessary convenience. From Virtual kitchens and healthy food delivery to AI technology, tech startups have found a way to get into the food industry.

HalfPosh allows food lovers to enjoy portioned meals from top local restaurants. Independent professionals can have these meals delivered to them.

Ema Chuku started HalfPosh in August 2018. The Downtown Los Angeles-based company started as a portioned-food discovery app. Now the self-funded startup launches its delivery service to fully serve its market niche. 

“Our long term vision is to see a better fast casual restaurants food consumption, while helping eliminating food waste on both the consumer and restaurant ends,” Chuku says.

HalfPosh looks to utilize automated robot deliveries in the future according to Chuku.

Introducing HalfPosh

Chuku came up with the idea when based on his own lifestyle. He discovered how inefficient one can become after consuming a standard meal plate from restaurants.

The company originally launched with a focus on Downtown area of Los Angeles. Today, about 20 percent of HalfPosh’s operations covers the west side of Los Angeles.

“We hope to maintain a slow and steady pace so as not to compromise service quality. Our deliveries are done on electric vehicles (motor scooters and cars). This gives us a nice advantage when trying to provide a safe delivery as fast as possible,” Chuku explains.

HalfPosh provides quality portioned eats from local restaurants. Home-based entrepreneurs and freelancers can eat, work and stay efficiently without interruption.

Serving half-portioned meals also helps partnering restaurants reduce food waste. Restaurants have the opportunity to focus on growing its operations with the money saved.

The company’s mission is to provide a next generation platform that enhances how people consume food and beverage.

How HalfPosh works

HalfPosh connects local cafes and consumers to limit food waste. The company’s vision is to see a world for better food consumption. It allows the food industry to operate efficiently with transparency.

A fleet of EV vehicles partners with top local restaurants to deliver quality portioned eats. The ordering process is subscription based, meaning users create an account after which they have the option to either buy passes on a weekly bases.

Another distinction is that the passes are debited for each orders or users can choose to pay at the time of delivery.

Users simply  have to open the HalfPosh app to text Cici, its bot virtual assistant the menu number. An in-house HalfPosh team member then delivers the food within 45 minutes.

Deliveries are made on weekdays, Monday to Friday, 11 am – 4pm.

Why HalfPosh?

Other food delivery platforms delivers food to consumers in their actual serving sizes. HalfPosh has its own fleet of trained drivers for quality measures. Both partner restaurants and consumers are able to save by ordering portioned eats.

“I use this app whenever I’m looking to try a new item, It’s a good way to find new cafes & help out the locals. I definitely recommend,” says Atalyn, an avid HalfPosh app user.

On a weekly basis, app users have the chance to explore a selection of portioned eats from the menus curated from its restaurant-partners.  Freelancers and home-based business owners get to save a good amount of money to invest in other priorities.

“When one eats light, they say efficient and work effectively.” – Ema Chuku

Jaime Aldecoa is a staff writer at Grit Daily. He is an avid traveler, YouTube vlogger, and podcast host. He holds a degree in Mass Communication.

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