Groq Health Brings Precision Medicine to the Smart Phone With New Mobile App

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Published on May 18, 2022
Groq Health, a digital health company, has launched the first app giving consumers a look at their internal health using their smart phone

Yale physician, academic and CEO, Florence Comite, MD, has announced that her healthtech startup, Groq Health, is bringing Precision Medicine to a mobile solution, giving consumers a personalized medical look at their internal health.

With Precision Medicine, physicians analyze an individual’s biomarkers and other health data to detect, predict, and reverse the diseases and disorders of aging, often before symptoms even emerge, but because of high costs it has been available only for the very wealthy. 

With the help of machine learning, Groq Health is bringing this same high-tech, data-driven healthcare to the masses via a mobile app.

Groq Health is being incubated inside the Comite Center in New York City and builds on more than two decades of successful evidence-based scientific and clinical outcomes. Its advisory board members and C-suite include leaders and entrepreneurs from Tesla, Marvel, B Capital Group, Logitech, BarkBox, Facebook, Google, and Postmates. 

Comite graduated from The Yale School of Medicine, founded Women’s Health at Yale, and was on the faculty at Yale Medical School for 25 years. She’s a practicing endocrinologist in Manhattan who has spent decades studying the science behind aging for the NIH as well as in her own practice, the Comite Center. Grit Daily recently caught up with her to hear why the future of health care will start with your phone in the near future.

Grit Daily: Why has it taken so long for tech entrepreneurs to bring Precision Medicine to mobile apps?

Dr. Florence Comite: “Physicians rarely have time to curate and integrate biomarkers at this scale. As a physician, I know it takes significant experience and valuable resources to evaluate biomarkers and the role they play in our current and future health. Groq Health is scaling this data-driven healthcare approach with medical algorithms that have been trained by 20-years of longitudinal evidence- based data. The insights and interventions derived from the data can truly get us healthier, proactively stop future diseases, and yes, I’m saying it, even reverse biological aging.”

Grit Daily: There are so many health and weight-loss apps out there. How is Groq Health standing out in this very crowded space?

Dr. Florence Comite: “Many apps promise results in a specific health niche like weight loss or improved sexual performance, but they don’t integrate multiple data sources, including blood biomarkers with your habits, sleep, for example, to deliver meaningful, lasting results. Groq Health integrates health data with a person’s Health Story, your personal and family history, wearables, like Oura, so that our clinicians offer insights and actionable interventions, prescribe supplements and medications, if indicated, based on this personalized, integrated information. And it’s all on your phone, making it easy to chart your health progress.” 

Grit Daily: From a scientific perspective, what can our blood tell us about our health?

Dr. Florence Comite: “Groq Health pulls a person’s health data from their smartphone, wearables like the Apple Watch, Oura Ring, smart scale, CGM (continuous glucose monitor), and other devices. The Groq app then integrates and interprets  that data with blood biomarkers and a patient’s family history, personal health story, and daily habits. 

This data-driven healthcare approach can reveal, predict and reverse health issues such as low energy, poor sleep, weight gain, muscle loss, changes in libido and sexual function in men and women. In this fashion, Groq Health predicts a person’s health trajectory, including risks for heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis (bone loss), Alzheimer’s, strokes, anxiety, depression and diabetes.”

Grit Daily: How is Groq Health integrating Precision Medicine with technology?

Dr. Florence Comite: “The Groq Health medical team will initially focus on  five biomarkers that clinically predicts age-related disorders and chronic diseases: Fasting Glucose, HbA1c, Fasting Insulin, Cholesterol Ratio, and Free Testosterone. Based on this information, and all the rest, including genomic data, our clinical team can target underlying issues that undermine weight loss, or memory challenges, for example, prescribe medications, recommend supplements, and issue referrals to specialists as appropriate.”

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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