Grit Daily Podcast Set to Broadcast Live during SxSW

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 28, 2022

Grit Daily House is one of the “media houses” during SxSW. Four blocks from The Convention Center, it skews “VIP” with a private chef.

Grit Daily, an accredited media partner to SxSW will broadcast live from Grit Daily House, March 10-15.
Some of the best programming in Austin will grace the outdoor stage, while podcast recordings brought to you by Linqto and Grit Daily Startup Show podcast host Sebastian Rusk and co-host Karim Nurani will record inside, with guest applications to record on the podcast available right here.

Grit Daily is the award-winning, New York-based news outlet that’s covered 8,000+ startups. Its sister publication BlockTelegraph, also at Grit Daily House, is the Blockchain industry-trade publication supported by Polygon in 2021.

Equally known for its events, including an alliance with Microsoft for events in Times Square including the 2020 Zero Waste Summit and the 2021 Miami Blockchain & NFT Summit which Grit Daily sold to Mana to form NFT BZL, Grit Daily’s flagship event is Grit Daily House, a multi-day ticketed event in Austin, Texas. Tickets are free until they run out here.

What is Grit Daily House

Grit Daily House is a physical location in Austin, four blocks from the Convention Center, with an outdoor stage. The outdoor stage hosts some of the best content, with innovative company leadership across the startup, food, and drinks spectrum filming live. Authors Laurie Segall and Jim Kwik are paired to take the stage and talk all things writing, for example, on March 13.

Grit Daily House is also the only “media house” that permits outside news outlets on its stage, including Digital Trends, Benzinga, Axios, CoinDesk, and Insider, among others.

The featured Grit Daily House is tended by George the Celebrity Doorman, Ozzy the Bartender, and “the People’s Chef” Adrian Davila, grilling quintessentially Austin dishes in the backyard.

Grit Daily House is ticketed only. If you do not have a ticket, you may not enter. (So get a ticket here.)

Due to the capacity limits of Grit Daily House, a ticket does not guarantee entry.


Thursday, March 10 – The Investor’s Guide to DeFI, with Celsius Network, and CEO Alex Mashinsky and friends.

Brunch: 10:30AM-230PM

Opening talk or panel 11:00AM. All Roads Lead to a Decentralized Internet. Alex Mashinsky.

Afternoon panel 1:00PM A Vision of Money’s Digital Future. Tushar Nadkarni.

Afternoon panel 2:30PM Entrepreneurship, from VoIP to MoIP. Alex Mashinsky.

Reception: 3PM – 530PM

Afternoon panel 3:15PM. Women, Gamers, and Crypto in 2022. Tal Bentov.

Afternoon panel 4:30PM. Greed Is Out. Do Gooding Is In. Tushar Nadkarni.

VIP Dinner: 7PM – Late. Ticketed separately.

Friday, March 11th – The IPO Market is Hot. What Do Investors Need to Know? With Linqto and CSO Karim Nurani.

Brunch: 11-230PM

Opening talk or panel 11:00AM. The Billion-Dollar State of Mind. With Karim Nurani.

Afternoon panel 1:00PM. Fund Investors Can Get Pre-IPO Access. But Is It Worth It?

Afternoon panel 2:00PM This Is the Year Investors & Businesses Put Big Bets on Climate

Reception: 3PM – 530PM

Afternoon panel 3:00PM. You Can Get Crypto Right and Still Play It Wrong.

Afternoon panel 4:30PM. How NFTs Can Move Beyond Arts and Entertainment Karim Nurani.

Afternoon panel 5:30PM. IPOs Keep Jumping Higher. How Long Will the Ride Last? Karim Nurani.

VIP Dinner: 7PM – Late. Ticketed separately.

Saturday, March 12th – SafeMoon Saturday, with John Karony and friends.

Brunch: 11-230PM

Opening talk or panel 11:00AM. What is Venture Philanthropy? (Impact with an ROI).

Morning Panel 11:30AM. Fast Launch – how to create (and sustain) a giant community.

Afternoon panel 1:00PM: AMA: Texas, Data, Democracy. Anne Ahola Ward. Rachel Wolfson (CoinTelegraph). Brittany Kaiser.

Afternoon panel 2:00PM How to Engage the ‘Crypto Curious’.

Reception: 3PM – 6PM

Afternoon panel 3:00PM Impact’s Next Era: Impact Everywhere.

Afternoon panel 4:30PM What does it take to create truly effective DeFI?

Afternoon panel 5:30PM NFTs: Best Practice for a community-driven economy.

VIP Dinner: 7PM – Late. Ticketed separately.

Sunday, March 13th – Connected Devices: The New Work Superpower, with LifeKey x Web3 Produced by Warrior Love Productions & Thesis *

Brunch: 10-230PM

Reception: 3PM – 6PM

Tuesday, March 15th – Mondavi Wine & NFT Day

Brunch: 11-230PM

Opening talk 11:00AM. Why Wine Remains a Great Connector. Charlotte Selles and Codie Sanchez.

Afternoon panel 1:00PM. NFTs could be the ticket to your next, great meal. Charlotte Selles.

Afternoon panel 2:00PM. The Culinary NFT Trend Is Just Beginning. Charlotte Selles.

Reception: 3PM – 530PM

Afternoon panel 3:00PM. Digital Dining: Can NFTs Revolutionize Restaurants? Charlotte Selles.

Afternoon panel 4:30PM. What’s a Food Metaverse? Charlotte Selles.

VIP Dinner: 7PM – Late. Ticketed separately.


How Can My Brand Get Involved?

Brands can participate through demos, activations, giveaways, and panel and fireside talks led by star moderators who don’t compromise on audience attention.

Location. Location. Location.

Grit Daily House is in Google Maps. It is three blocks from Rainey St. and four blocks from the Convention Center, at 206 San Marcos St. It is a block from the old “Spotify House” and is the former Splash and former Wind-Up Records House.

Meet Some of Our Line-Up

Celsius Network | Linqto | LifeKey | SafeMoon| Mondavi | Thesis* | Warrior Love Productions | Beyond Meat | Other World Computing | GT’s Kombucha | Imperfect Foods | Austin EastCiders | Waterloo Sparking Water | Pura Vida Tequila | StillWell Austin | And more.

Codie Sanchez | Contrarian Thinking

Tushar Nadkarni | Celsius Network

Tal Bentov | Celsius Network

Alex Mashinsky | Celsius Network

Karim Nurani | Linqto

Lisa Wang | Board Member, Fast Company

Jason Kintzler | Lifekey

Sandra Ponce de Leon | Forbes Contributor, Cognitive World

Laura Wallendal | Thesis*

Melissa Jun Rowley | Warrior Love Productions

John Karony | SafeMoon

Charlotte Selles | Mondavi

Rob Pegoraro | USA Today, New York Times Wirecutter

Robin Raskin | Virtual Events Group, fmr Senior Editor at Computer World

Katie Canales | Insider, Business Insider

Nicole Cobler | Axios

Anali Gonzalez | The Nueva Latina magazine

Brian Zisk | SF Music Tech

Laura Lorek | Silicon Hills News

Donald Harris | ATX Game Makers

Vanessa Marie | Gaming Access Weekly

Anne Ahola Ward | CircleClick Media

Brittany Kaiser | Own Your Data

Rachel Wolfson | Cointelegraph

Ben Futoriansky | Cobalt Capital

SJ Murray | Emmy-Nominated Writer & Producer

Benjamin Smith | Let’s Disco

Kosha Dillz | Rapper

Casey Craig | CoinDesk

Ben Elder | Big Wheelbarrow

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

Jordan French is the Founder and Executive Editor of Grit Daily Group, encompassing Financial Tech Times, Smartech Daily, Transit Tomorrow, BlockTelegraph, Meditech Today, and flagship outlet, Grit Daily. The champion of live journalism, Grit Daily's team hails from ABC, CBS, CNN, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Fox, PopSugar, SF Chronicle, VentureBeat, Verge, Vice, and Vox. An award-winning journalist, he was on the editorial staff at and a Fast 50 and Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur with one sale. Formerly an engineer and intellectual-property attorney, his third company, BeeHex, rose to fame for its "3D printed pizza for astronauts" and is now a military contractor. A prolific investor, he's invested in 50+ early stage startups with 10+ exits through 2023.

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