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SXSW Grit Daily Live House

For the uninitiated:
What is Grit Daily?

Award-winning Grit Daily News is the champion of live journalism. 

Grit Daily News is the premiere startup-news hub, with a top “SEO game” for articles in Google search, as well as syndications to Apple News, Google News, and Flipboard. 

Grit Daily News is widely known for its events, including NFT BZL Miami with Mana Group, Reactor-Times Square, and Park City Summit during Sundance. Grit Daily House during SxSW in Austin, Texas, is our flagship event. Join us March 10-16, 2022. 

What is Grit Daily House?

Grit Daily House is anchored by day-time panels and fireside chats with top names in tech. Our 2022 emphasis, in conjunction with “sister” media outlet, BlockTelegraph, is Blockchain & NFTs. We will be joined by collaborators from CoinTelegraph, Benzinga, and Digital Trends.

Meet journalists and get the scoop on some of the week’s best content. 

Expect activations, giveaways, and panel and fireside talks led by star moderators.

Grit Daily House is located one block from the “old Spotify House,” a block from Vans Warped Tour Austin kickoff, and four blocks from the Convention Center. The location is  easily walkable. 

It is an exclusive venue, known for its “O.G.” and “indie” activations from GT’s Kombucha, Digital Trends, Otherworld Computing, and Beyond Meat, along with “celebrity sightings.” 

Schedule Overview

Thursday, March 10th (Day 1)

The Future DeFi, Blockchain, & NFTs  Enjoy panels with focuses on the future of Blockchain initiatives with BlockTelegraph News. Opening keynote with Alex Mashinsky, Celsius Network.

Friday, March 11th (Day 2)

The Future DeFi, Blockchain, & NFTs

Day 2 of panels, food, and content on the latest Blockchain initiatives. 

Saturday, March 12th

Women In Tech

Enjoy panels that focus on trailblazing women in tech.

Sunday, March 13th

Startup Day: Focused on Tech Hardware, Food Tech, and Music Tech

Monday, March 14th

Creators’ Summit

Enjoy panels focused creators with an emphasis on Austin.

Tuesday, March 15th

Entertainment Tuesday

Enjoy panels focused on Black Hollywood +

Wednesday, March 16th

Music Showcase

Enjoy an all-day music showcase with acoustics and fireside chats.

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Brands can participate through demos, activations, giveaways, and panel and fireside talks led by star moderators who don’t compromise on audience attention.

Location. Location. Location.

Grit Daily House, located at 206 San Marcos St., is the former Splash House and also former Wind-Up Records House. It is centrally located just three blocks from Rainey St. and four blocks from the downtown Convention Center, and just a block from the old Spotify House.

Grit Daily is one of the “8 great media houses” during SxSW which includes Mashable House, Inc. Founders House, FastCo BBQ, CNN, NYT, Uproxx House, and Fader Fort. 

Meet Some of Our Line-Up

Past collabs: Beyond Meat | PinkLion | Other World Computing | GT’s Kombucha |  Imperfect Foods | DISCO Body Wash Pura Vida Tequila | StillWell Austin | Peju Wines | Hamilton Beach and more.

Past Collaborators: Jen Soulé | OWC Jennifer Bonine | PinkLion AI | Rob Pegoraro | USA Today | Anali Gonzalez | The Nueva Latina Magazine | Jesus Mendoza & Luisa Isabel Mendoza | Mr. Natural | Stephanie Bergara | Austin Public Figure Miguel Cobos | Taquero Vaquero Carmen Valera | Tamale House East Brian Zisk | SF Music Tech | Drew Rossow | Fmr. Forbes | Stewart Rogers | Dataconomy Laura Lorek | Silicon Hills News Donald Harris | ATX Game Makers Vanessa Marie | Gaming Access Weekly | Anne A. Ward | CircleClick Media | SJ Murray | Emmy-Nominated Writer & Producer | Benjamin Smith | Let’s Disco | Kosha Dillz | Rapper

Major Lazer | Musician | Ben Elder | Big Wheelbarrow and many more.

Major Lazer | Musician | Ben Elder | Big Wheelbarrow and many more. 

You can be included in 2022! 

No-Cost Opportunities

Grit Daily Spotify House SXSW

Media Partners

Multiple moderator spots are available for staff and contributor journalists who love to ask questions on stage. 

Agency Assistance

Agencies with multiple clients can integrate staff to assist with registration, ticketing, access, speaker liaison roles, and on-site coordination roles.

Celebrity Threshold

Speakers, artisans, and musicians who can add value to the audience, and who are not looking to “market” and are not sponsors, can apply to speak or perform at the venue at no cost.  

Sponsor Opportunities

Day Title Sponsor

Title sponsors are afforded a “takeover” of a panel spot, total time 25-45 minutes, to market their brand consistent with the day’s theme (e.g. Blockchain, NFTs, Food Tech, or other). 

The title sponsor may request a specific moderator; most media outlets/journalists are reachable by Grit Daily for that arrangement. 

Speaking Roles

For those looking to market, specific panel spots are available. 

VIP Audience
  • Attendance on a rolling basis (7500+ total admittances Alt-SxSW 2020)
Interior Space
  • 3 demo rooms (available $/day ea. and up)
  • 1 Food & Drinks / Speaker’s Room
  • 1 Check-in / Welcome area

All private, speakeasy style entrance.

Grit Daily SXSW Sponsor
Grit Daily SXSW Demo Rooms

  • 4 Blocks from Convention Center
  • 3 Blocks from Rainey St.
  • Former Splash House and Wind Up Records House

Grit Daily House Live Sponsor Benefits

Feature Presenting Sponsor Executive Sponsor Supporting Sponsor
Rate $30,000 $20,000 $5,000
Speaking Opportunity 1 hour – panel topic design and execution; additional option to moderate panel Included Included
Swag Bag Included Included Not Included
Logo Included on Website Most Prominent Included Included
Logo Included on Step-and-Repeat Included Included Not Included
Grit Daily News Lineup Event Coverage Included Included Not Included
Grit Daily Podcast Spot Included Not Included Not Included or Podcast Spot (pitch) Included Not Included Not Included
Tickets to Intimate VIP Dinner with 40 Guests Including Speakers 4 2 Not Included
Tickets to Grit Daily House 25 10 5

Interested? Let’s Chat!

Contact Jordan French, Grit Daily Executive Editor on how to get involved!

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