Grit Daily News assembles an expanding number of ticketed and sponsored events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Lisbon, Portugal, and Tampa, Florida. Each offers its own delights: Food, banter, laughter, and wine. Each features at least one guest, whether a pioneering entrepreneurial woman, a famed musician, or celebrity from Grit Daily's coverage universe.

Grit Daily News’ "Winning Women and Wine"

Libations flow freely at WWW. There's much to celebrate.

Grit Daily News’ Winning Women and Wine (WWW) is a monthly meeting of the minds on women-centric topics. At WWW Grit Daily features a woman in a “fireside chat” format or multiple women in a panel format from our coverage universe at -- in an engaging talk with Grit Daily’s engaging editorial staff.

All while you taste some of the best wine we can find.

What’s not to like? A great environment and opportunity to unwind a bit, relax, enjoy, share a laugh, and get content that you’re simply not getting anywhere else.

Grit Daily News covers a lot of brands -- big and small and backed by some of the world’s most “chill” influencers. Some of those people you know or follow on Instagram. Be sure to catch an infamous “Grit Daily Shout Out” at WWW where the team brings light to an intriguing story not yet covered by media or provide a scoop on a featured guest in the fireside chat or panel.

Tickets are limited in number so do get yours today.

Grit Daily News' Restaurant X

Meet celeb chef Pasquale Cozzolino as he shares the "Pizza Diet."

Where there's food there's -- well. You.

Foodies and readers unite for an exciting pair of hours -- along with an exciting pair of drinks and food -- of engaging chat.

Featuring top chefs from some of your favorite restaurants, Grit Daily assembles a select group of 20-30 guests for an afternoon or evening of fine dining and entertainment.

Along with specific, one-night-only dish exclusives and a visit from the head chef, Grit Daily's Restaurant X events feature a Spotlight Guest from our coverage universe. Talk one-on-one with a top tech CEO, a power woman VC, or a model on the rise. Hear from them first hand -- and ask all the questions you want -- among new friends and top cuisine made just for you.

Tightly ticketed, subscribe to Grit Daily's Digest to get first dibs on tickets as they become available. Tickets usually sell out within 24 hours of their release.