Did Grimes Just Claim to Be Pro-Climate Change?

Published on February 17, 2020

When many people saw Grimes tweeted this week that she was pro-climate change, they did a double–if not triple–take.

Indeed, Grimes has a hot take on the hotter planetary subject. But it’s not as black and white as her fans may think. The Canadian singer who self describes her ever-changing style as “ADD music,” (born Claire Elisee Boucher) tweeted a photo of a poem she wrote about her stance on Earth, increasingly engulfed in human-made flames.

Grimes’ tweet contained this pro-climate change image

Grimes is teasing us with her sign off, penned with the name of upcoming record, Miss Anthropocene.

A riff between “misanthrope” and “anthropocene, Grimes hopes for a variety of environmental disasters to take human and sonic shape. 

“I wanted to make climate change fun. Miss Anthropocene has got a Voldemort kind of vibe. She’s naked all the time and she’s made out of ivory and oil. It’s going to be super tight,” she told Crack Magazine

Grimes’ whole spiel is that climate change is a catastrophe imposed by humans–so, what’s the point in fighting it? After all, an apocalypse is coming. Unless her soon-to-be baby daddy Elon Musk finds a way for humans to occupy Mars. 

Grimes is right — climate change is rooted by humans’ collective masochism and our propensity toward instant gratification. Yet, she continues to make subtle and overt geopolitical statements that contradict her end-of-days rhetoric.

She basically sported the Tesla logo at the MetGala runway in 2018, subtly marketing the epitome of a fuel efficient car. Plus, she marched with protesters against the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in British Columbia last year. 

Just like her music, Grimes’ stance on climate change is complicated. The singer might be too complex for genres and categories, but one thing is certain– her fifth studio album (coming February 21) is sure to light the “griminals” fire about climate change. But fingers crossed that they’re only metaphorical flames. The current climate definitely doesn’t need any more uncontrollable wildfires. 

Kelly Vinett is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in New York. With an apt for the beyond, she covers conspiracy theories, fashion, technology, and entertainment. She has covered breaking news for VICE News, with a background reporting on international business in Cape Town, South Africa.

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