Grant Langston talks “harmony” in online dating and in work

Published on March 22, 2019

It’s true: Many millennials date as a “hobby” rather than for the thrill of winning someone over for the long term.

But that’s changing, at least according to eharmony CEO, Grant Langston. Langston spoke with Grit Daily Executive Editor, Jordan French, last November at Web Summit in front of a packed audience numbering over 1,000.

Could dating tastes be changing? Are millennials — in particular — moving away from their hook up-centered ways? No doubt, dating apps have had an affect. Behavioral Scientist and Bustle contributor Clarissa Silva agrees, saying:

“Dating apps are creating a paradox effect in dating: it’s giving off the illusion of many choices while making it harder to find viable options.”

So here’s former Southern rock star (literally) Grant Langston’s take on the matter.

Working with eharmony
Grant Langston in his “CEO days.”

Despite studying to be a lawyer, Langston’s real passion was music. The eharmony CEO moved to Los Angeles to play music when he was 21.

He had to find work to sustain his passion. After a decade of doing dreary day jobs, one phone call would change the trajectory of his career.

“I got a call from a friend who asked me if I was willing to come and help a start-up,” Langston shares. That company was eharmony.

He did marketing and copywriting work for a startup that pioneered online dating. Langston did pretty much did every non-technical job in the company for 15 years.

“The word “trajectory” suggests some kind of uniform direction, but my career has been anything but uniform,” he said.

The board asked Langston to be the CEO of eharmony three years ago. He never dreamed that he would be entrusted with a huge responsibility.

eharmony helped make matches

Langston said in an interview with Thrive Global that “it was hard to believe the industry was capable or interested in helping people.” That perception changed once he saw the results the company was making.

Eharmony made matches and became involved in each one. Langston got to see how these relationships evolved and grew through the years.

“eharmony was putting people together who were so well-matched, and who would have never found each other otherwise,” Langston explained.

To be involved with something that was so significantly impacting people’s lives has been fulfilling, to say the least.” – Grant Langston, CEO of eharmony.

Langston on the future of online dating.

“Nobody benefits from the development of features that people find creepy or unnerving,” according to Langston. He believes that people should not feel uncomfortable when it comes to online dating.

“As long as consumers feel safe, artificial intelligence and other kinds of technology can make online dating more accurate and effective in specific ways,” he said.

Langston said he has seen presentations on the integration of DNA matching. He remains skeptical however that people will be willing to provide samples.

Langston on work-life balance

According to Langston, work-life balance is better today than it was in the past. He shared how people back in the day used to prove their work ethic by sitting on chair and working the entire time.

“In years past, the idea that you might leave work and go exercise during lunch would have been laughed out of the room,” he explains.

He also enjoys the fact that it is now acceptable to honor your  family responsibilities and take care of your health.

Langston explains that the best way to have a healthy work-life balance is to really contribute when you’re working. He said that it becomes easier to step away and get space from your job when needed.

If it is balance you seek, try these five home-based jobs.

Langston to younger generations

Langston said he would urge his younger self to “worry less and continue to make wise choices.”

His tip to younger generations is to get their foot in the door and start providing value for the business they want to work in. Organizations are constantly seeking people that take work seriously and understand the broader business perspective according to him.

He also has a tip for those frustrated with their current situation:

“The best advice I can give for someone who feels that they aren’t on the path they want is this: Look for the ground floor of the opportunity you want.” – Grant Langston, CEO of eharmony.

For Langston in action, check out his take on machine learning, below:

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