Goodboy Supplements are the Perfect Pick Me Up for Your Pup

Published on June 12, 2020

The mission of Goodboy Dog Supplements is simple. They aim to provide quality vitamin supplements for our beloved furry friends. Not only do they offer a variety of health supplements for dogs, they offer a delivery system where you can get your favorite product shipped to you every 2, 4 or 6 weeks. By following this link you can save 10% off all of their bundle packages and get free shipping by entering the code, “FREESHIP,” at checkout.

Why Try Goodboy?

Sometimes certain companies or subscription services offer so many products it can feel overwhelming. What’s great about Goodboy is that the company offers 5 supplements and nothing else. Not only that, but customers can bundle certain supplements and save money. Another benefit of shopping with Goodboy is that the website lists all of the ingredients included in each supplement container. It seems incredibly simple, but a company that actually lists the ingredients they use. That is incredibly important, especially for our beloved pups. Goodboy also makes it clear that they don’t add any un-necessary additives or fillers to their supplements.

I took Goodboy’s personalized quiz for one of my own dogs. Personally, I believe it was a fun quiz that clearly was made to appeal to dog owners everywhere. The website was obviously designed by a dog lover for dog lovers. It does enhance the customer experience even while simply browsing the website. For $35 dollars, a tub that has 55 soft chews seems like a pretty good deal.

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A Company That Cares

Frankly, sometimes buying a new product from an unknown website can feel like a risk that isn’t worth the money. However, Goodboy products are locally sourced for their ingredients and customers can always pause (or paws) their subscription if they find things aren’t working for them. The company truly cares about canine welfare, and proves it through their stellar products and customer service. Their subscription service would also make a great gift for Father’s Day, for the dad’s in your life who love their furry friends and want to keep them healthy for years to come!

Don’t miss out. Check out today and save while helping out your beloved furry family members!

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