Good Dog just raised $6.7 million to help you find a pup

Published on April 5, 2019

Another startup got a huge financial backing to help people find a pup.

New York City-based Good Dog just raised $6.7 million in an effort to give new homes to pups.

The company allows people to get dogs from good sources. It communicates with reputable breeders, shelters and rescues to put their dogs in good homes.

Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais co-founded Good Dog. The two former employees came up with the idea after experiencing struggles in finding the right pup.

Good Dog raises $6.7 million

BoxGroup, Felicis, Slow Ventures, Fuel Capital, BarkBox, and SV Angel invested in the startup.

BoxGroup managing partner David Tisch said that he has been fortunate to be involved with Josh and Lauren in this venture.

“As I was embarking on my own dog search, it quickly became clear that this was a totally broken process, opening up a massive opportunity within the $72 billion dollar pet market,” Tisch said.

Tisch now serves as Good Dog’s chairman. He said that he sees huge potential in helping people find the right pup.

“Good Dog is positioned to become the authority in dog ownership, helping to streamline each step of the process.” – David Tisch

Finding a pup

Sources bring nine million dogs to new homes each year. The problem is that not all sources handle pups properly.

McDevitt said that “a lack of standard and expertise” gave them troubles in their search. “It was hard to determine the good from the bad,” she said.

She also brought up how some put dogs in harm’s way, making it hard for well-intentioned people to find the right dog.  “It was hard to identify who was doing the right thing,” McDevitt explained.

Wais said Good Dog’s mission is to help connect good with good to weed out the bad.

“The industry is broken and we see an opportunity in connecting prospective dog owners with responsible sources to help weed out the irresponsible sources.” – Josh Wais

Good Dog has showcased pups from over 1,000 responsible sources across the United States.

How it works

Good Dog employed a team to verify if sources follow certain proprietary standards. The team checks if sources attend to the dog’s respective health needs.

The startup enables its users to explore profiles from trusted, vetted providers and then facilitates connections. Users can search by location, shelter, or by a dog’s breed.

Through the platform, potential dog owners have access to comprehensive profiles of Good Dog’s community of trusted partners. From there, they can connect with each of them directly.

Potential owners can browse Good Dog’s Learning Center. After that, they can submit their application to one of Good Dog’s partners when they’re ready. Then, partners will see if they are a right fit for the chosen dog.

Good Dog helps facilitate everything from communication to helping owners get their new best friend home.

The company makes money by charging a fee for purchasing a dog. On the other hand, providers do not need to pay to be featured on Good Dog.

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Jaime Aldecoa is a staff writer at Grit Daily. He is an avid traveler, YouTube vlogger, and podcast host. He holds a degree in Mass Communication.

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