Glossier Play Was Exactly What We Expected; That Isn’t A Good Thing

Published on March 5, 2019

When Glossier announced that it would be releasing a new line of products this month, its cult-like following began to speculate what on earth it could possibly be. Many guessed that the company would be launching a new, bold line of makeup products. Others guessed glittery, playful cosmetics that allowed customers to express themselves with makeup. Some even went so far as to guess that the company would be releasing products like bath bombs and perfumed home goods. A patent report filed by the company suggested that Glossier Play would comprise a laundry list of new products. What it turned out to be was exactly what we expected (sans the home goods).

Glossier Play

What is in Glossier play is a lot of what we expected it to be. The new makeup line offers bold, high gloss lip colors and glittery eye shadows. Glossier, the parent company behind all of these new products, is known for its philosophy that one should focus on skincare first and makeup second. It doesn’t really make sense to launch a bunch of glitter eye shadows and bold liners if your entire brand is based on the idea that your skin should be dewy and glowing, so it only made sense to create a whole new line of playful colors and textures.

“Glossier Play is a brand of dialed-up beauty extras. We believe the best part about going out is getting ready,” reads the product page of the Glossier Play section of Glossier’s website. The new products are meant for going out. All of the bold colors, textures, and styles are a testament to that—Glossier Play is about expressing yourself through your makeup—something very different to what Glossier is known for. The collection that Glossier launched to start with consisted of a pencil liner, a liquid highlighter, a high gloss lipstick, a potted gel glitter, and two tools for using the products. The products are priced fairly—nothing seems to pass the $20 mark—but nothing in the line is particularly groundbreaking.

Unlike The Brand

The brand earned nearly $80 million in funding after creating revolutionary products for the beauty industry. Now, it’s launching a line of products that seem just as easily found at your local CVS. Products like Milky Jelly Cleanser, Solution, and Boy Brow hit the beauty industry hard when they were released between 2016 and 2018. The idea for Milky Jelly was crowdsourced on the company’s Into The Gloss website. When the team working on the product asked its readers to describe their perfect cleanser, Milky Jelly was the answer. Needless to say, this probably isn’t what happened with Glossier Play.

It’s not that the products available on Glossier Play are no good, it’s just exactly what fans of the company were expecting. For a company that creates the unexpected and provides products that you didn’t know you need—this is disappointing. It’s got great marketing, though. Glossier Play is available now on the company’s website. There are two brick and mortar Glossier showrooms in New York and LA, but it’s unclear whether or not the new products are available in the real world locations.


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