7 Giant Bean Bags You Need To Add To Your Living Room In 2023

By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 2, 2023

Giant bean bags are the ultimate seats in the world. Ranging from all sizes and shapes, there are many types of bean bags that can suit one’s needs. For example, giant bean bags for adults provide great support for adults weighing up to 300 pounds. Unlike the traditional folding chairs, bag chairs are generally lightweight and sturdy enough to hold their shape for extended periods.

There are also various companies that sell different types of bean bags depending on their looks and more specific functions. Entrepreneurs can even add a touch of fun to their offices with these enjoyable bags of relaxation.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top picks for the best giant bean bags of 2023:

The Top Giant Bean Bags of 2023

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

The comfy giant bean bag is perfect for kids & adults, whether it is used as a study spot or a gaming chair in the basement, the living room, an apartment, or whichever room you desire. This seat forms to your every curve and shapes to your body. With room for two, you are free to cuddle close or share with a friend. It comes with a thick, cubed cushion of memory foam at the bottom with a durable cover that keeps all the shape and just the right amount of comfort levels. The removable, double-stitched micro-suede fiber is soft, machine washable, and resistant to stains and fading, making cleaning easier than ever before. It’s supple to the touch and has a softness and denseness to it that make it suitable for storing valuables while it’s durable for keeping out stains and fading.

  • Fluffs up pretty nicely
  • Comes in great quality
  • Also good for pets to feel comfy on
  • One customer reports that the bean bag came with tears
  • One customer reports that the foam is a little lumpy

CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

The Corduroy Bean Bag Chair is an ideal sleeping surface for adults or children! As seen on Shark Tank, this lovely giant bean bag can be used by both men and women. You can use the comfortable bean bag chair as a seating area or bed in any room in your home! The bean bag chair unfolds into a full-size bean bag bed in no time. With a dimpled, high-pile microfiber cover, it provides the ultimate in luxury and longevity, while maintaining durability. You can toss the charcoal gray cover into the washing machine and dryer when it’s time for a refresh. The soft fabric guarantees to remain soft whether it is washed many times or not.

  • User doesn’t sink in
  • Price is worth its value 
  • Extremely comfortable for a single seater
  • One customer reports that the bean bag was inconsistent
  • One customer reports that the bean bag smelt bad

Sofa Sack Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

A simple but effective addition to your nursery, playroom, children’s bedroom, or basement, The Sofa Sack bean bag chairs are a perfect accompaniment to any décor too. These are not only extremely comfortable, but they’re also highly functional. Aside from being as comfortable as bean-filled chairs, these colorful beanless bags are much cushier due to the memory foam. Plus, they last longer since they keep their shape. Designed for lightness and portability, they provide maximum comfort. Ideal for gaming and analyzing in teen bedrooms and college dorms, or even having movie nights, play dates, and reading with family, these simple chairs make the perfect addition to home décor.

  • Price is worth its value
  • It is huge and comfortable 
  • Extremely suitable for children 
  • One customer reports that the bean bag is smaller than advertised 

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair with Drink Holder and Pocket

No bean bag chair looks more like a chair than this one by Big Joe. It has armrests and a backrest, and there is even a pocket and space for a drink. In addition to the SmartMax fabric, which is a durable, stain-resistant material that can be cleaned on spot, this bag also has a handle to make it easy to grab and take with you! Bean refill bags are sold separately, so anyone can use this bag whenever needed. All bean bags will lose their shape over time and be softer than new. You can spot-clean the cover, but it is not removable.

  • Price is worth its value
  • Extremely suitable for children
  • One customer reports that the bean bag came flat
  • One customer reports that the bean bag could use more filler

Cozy Sack 6-Feet Giant Bean Bag Chair

This giant bean bag is a deal you cannot miss! These long smoothly woven strands are guaranteed for maximum comfort and durability. The structure of Cozy Foam is designed to prevent lumpy discomfort caused by irregularly shaped foam fillings. These Cozy Sack liners help protect the bean bag filler and allow the chair to be cleaned or replaced by removing the outer shell. These colorful sack covers are made of micro suede fabric. We know spills happen, so these Cozy Covers can be thrown in the washer and they can be easily replaced when the décor changes.

  • Perfect for children 
  • It is extremely comfortable
  • Comes with protective liner
  • The foam does mold to your body 
  • It is not waterproof Seal often needs to be adjusted at purchase

Big Joe Lenox Fuf Foam Filled Giant Bean Bag

“Big Joe Fuf chairs” have been described as the most comfortable chairs in the world. This chair promises to be well worth the investment because it is heavier and more substantial than bean-filled chairs. With Big Joe Fuf’s patented shredded foam technology you never have to refill the chair. You can revive it whenever you need by tossing it around and it will return to its original glory. With an included washable cover, this Fuf is easy to re-fluff and move from room to room. They use the coziest and durable fabrics that wear beautifully and look great in any room. The Fuf XXL is the biggest Fuf available, measuring in at almost 7 ft. Ideal for reading, napping, watching your favorite show, gaming, and more. This huge Fuf can also be included in living rooms, recreation rooms, bedrooms, and lobbies.

  • It never goes flat
  • It is incredibly cozy 
  • It is huge and heavy (good/bad)
  • Comes with a superior design 
  • It is huge and heavy (good/bad)
  • One customer reports that the bean bag has the capability to fall apart early 

Big Joe Roma Bean Bag Chair

The Big Joe chairs were created to get the party started. These chairs are not boring. Big Joes comes in fun colors and sizes so you’ll always find the one that’s exactly right. From playrooms to living rooms, study dens to dorms, you’ll never be short of furniture for any room. Throughout time, bean bags that are well-loved will soften, and the longer the beans are neglected, the less they will shrink. To make adding bean refills simple, their refill tubes are available separately.

  • It is extremely comfy
  • The price is worth its value
  • Provides a nice alternative for sitting and/or lounging 
  • One customer reports that the bean bag went flat really quick

FAQ for Giant Bean Bags

Can I wash a bean bag with beans in it?

The beans are usually made from polystyrene, so the cover can go in the washing machine, but do not attempt to wash them. If they get stuck, white vinegar is great – drench them in vinegar, scrub them in, then leave them outdoors to dry.

Can you vacuum bean bag balls?

You can use a dustpan and brush or a vacuum cleaner on the beanbags immediately after a small sprinkle over the filling removes the static. In addition to neutralising odours, it works handy as a static neutraliser and is used to bake and clean – as well as an excellent digestive aid.

Is sitting on a bean bag bad for your back?

Your spine will be helped by a full-size indoor giant bean bag. This support will help you relax more comfortably while relaxing. You will be able to maintain a comfortable sitting or lying position, without putting unnecessary strain on your spine.

When should I refill my bean bag?

Filling bean bags only last for a limited period of time (generally, even with the latest EPS beans they would deteriorate) so fluffing them won’t always work. This means a new filling is necessary.

Can I use a bean bag without beans inside?

In India, there are bean bags filled with thermocol or polystyrene beans, and some bean bags are inflated using air. Polystyrene or thermocol fillings are commonly used. Furthermore, bean bags without beans will be just bean pouches.

How long do bean bags last?

An excellent quality giant bean bag will last up to 3 years without losing its shape or going flat. Bean bags often go flat due to their filler, usually EPS beads, which have 98% air volume in them.

What is the biggest bean bag you can buy?

With a massive 8 feet diameter, the Sumo Maximus beanbag is the largest bean bag chair by Sumo Lounge! This is the best bean bag chair in the house to have a special time with your family and friends!

Why are bean bags so expensive?

Bean bags can get expensive depending on the type of fabric and filling used in them. When the bean bag gets bigger, the amount of material and filler used increases. Therefore, it will add to the product’s cost.

Can you use a bean bag as a bed?

It’s possible to sleep in almost any position with a foam-filled Xorbee. A chair or some lounge chairs and some beds are designed with one thing in mind: giving you safe, comfortable, and roomy sleeping accommodation.

Right now, Amazon has some giant bean bags selling for amazing prices. Our criteria for choosing the best bean bag chairs include high-quality ones that are selling for a good price, including their comfiness, durability, ability to wash easily and quickly, and bean bags that are listed under best-sellers. 

In Conclusion 

We hope you found the perfect fit for your living room! Nowadays, bean bags are still a popular choice for teens and young adults because they’re notably comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for anyone at any age. A reminder of the few most important aspects when looking for the best giant bean bag – its filling, cover material, and support.

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By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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