Geummy Lee, Web3 Founder and Female Metaverse Leader, Talks About Building Her Agency WEOSH

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Published on December 9, 2022

We sat down with Geummy Lee, Web3 founder and female leader in the metaverse space to talk about building her agency WEOSH,  the different levels of opportunities between men and women in the tech industry, and their recent activation at Art Basel.

Grit Daily: Tell us about your company, WEOSH?

Geummy Lee: Weosh, (“WEE-osh”), is a community of conscious individuals empowering women and allies with the goal to celebrate their femininity and increase female fortitude. The result is bridging the diversity gap and creating a more inclusive space. This is done through a branding incubator, media outlet, onboarding workshops, and marketplace that connects better products to conscious consumers. Weosh is pioneering and trailblazing in developing Woman C.E.Os, whom we call W.E.Os (Women Executive Officers). We coined the term W.E.O. to spark conversations on what feminine leadership can be by challenging the outdated traditional definitions of a C.E.O. that has a masculine undertone as it stands for Chief Executive Officer.

Grit Daily: How did you start it and what were some of the biggest challenges?

Geummy Lee: In 2017, when I read women entrepreneurs received less than 10% of VC funding – it made me furious and the gap resonates with all my past experiences where I felt as a woman I had to fight harder because I could not get a seat in the “boys” table.

I had this was the same experience when I entered the web3 space. I would ask to be included in alpha chats and was judged as bringing value because I was a female. The same obstacle happened when I was trying to secure funding and partners for this Web3 Wellness at Basel event. I would get a lot more questions versus my male counterparts where sponsors would throw in money without as many questions.

Grit Daily: What do you do to overcome these obstacles and stay motivated? What drives your grit in business?

Geummy Lee: In business, women can often feel our opinions are not regarded in the same way as those of our male counterparts, or we can be burdened with inner doubt when asking for a promotion. Looking at the statistics, there is a gap and besides the institutional barriers, solely blaming society isn’t going to change the system.

I went through some tough times growing up and with building a business from the ground up. Every day, I fight to rise from within. Life is full of ups and downs, but so are our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. I remind myself to exercise all areas of what makes us whole: challenging my mind to think outside my comfort, filling up my emotional love tank, exercising or practicing meditation, and surrounding myself with positive energy or praying. When our core is being fulfilled, we are stronger. Entrepreneurs are already gladiators, but imagine if they were functioning at their potential. I firmly believe in empowering yourself in order to empower others.

Whether it is society echoing that disempowering inner dialogue, or social media perpetuating unrealistic picture-perfect lifestyle, it can sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough. Remind yourself that you are strong and your purpose is greater than your own understanding at that current moment.

Health, wealth, and happiness are the targets of success in most people’s lives. However, the only thing we have sole control over is our happiness; despite our hopes and hard work, ‘health & wealth’ might not always be in alignment. As a woman, I wanted to foster an idea that you can overcome any obstacle through positivity, and embrace the challenges we face in our personal and professional lives. When we lead with positivity toward happiness, I believe the rest will follow.

Grit Daily: As a Korean American, why is it important to have Asian entrepreneurs represented in the tech and event space?

Geummy Lee: We are building the future in Web3 and a crucial element to avoid systemic issues of web3 is Inclusivity. Creators, innovators and change makers should reflect the rest of the world- we create what we know and the “we” need to include all voices to create a future that acknowledges all.

Grit Daily: You are referred to as a Web3 Socialite- what does that mean to you?

Geummy Lee: In person connection energizes me and attending events related to web3 allows me to connect with the future builders and creators. I love the web3 community and how WEOSH is building a more inclusive space.

Grit Daily: Where do you see the future of Web3, Crypto, metaverse and the blended lines between tech and real life going?

Geummy Lee: Nothing will replace real life experiences and human-to-human touch, however with the metaverse, AR and tech, we are going to be able to connect and experience the world in another dimension, similar to how we connect with people from all around the world through social media before there was My-Space and Meta.

Grit Daily: Tell us about your event at Art Basel?

Geummy Lee: Our event at Art Basel this year was called Web 3 Wellness and it was focused on bringing together the community to further health and wellness in the web3 space. As we move into a more virtual-based reality, and spend more time immersed in tech, there is a need to bring the balance and healing elements of wellness modalities along with us.

Their event included three panels on the future of wellness and tech, bringing wellness to tech through art and psychedelics & expanding consciousness in the digital age. Speakers such as Swopes, Tal Navarro, Shira Lazar, Dr. Scott Fischer,  and other community leaders will be there.

Web3 Wellness offered attendees education on the intersection of art, tech, and wellness, along with immersive wellness experiences like breathwork, sound healing, and movement. Botanical Artist Kelley Anderson unveiled a moss art installation called Crysallis, named after the protective shell that a caterpillar creates as it metamorphosizes into a butterfly. Violinist and DJ Yerahm Paul Lee was also on site entertaining guests with binaural beats.

Geummy Lee
Geummy and Kelley Anderson attend the Web3 Wellness Event during Art Basel Miami. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Weosh)

Grit Daily: What’s next for you?

Geummy Lee: We are excited for NFT LA in March and NFT NY where we will be throwing another Web3  Wellness event. I also will be showcasing my non-toxic underwear and athleisure line!

Grit Daily: What advice do you have for others getting in this space?

Geummy Lee: Web3 is a blank canvas- we can build anything we want- be intentional when coming into the space- what is your intention? Making quick money isn’t a thing anymore- it’s about building and taking advantage of the creator economy.

Grit Daily: Where can our audience find / follow you?

Geummy Lee: Twitter and Instagram @weoshcommunity. My personal IG is @geummy and Twitter is @metageummybear.

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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