From the Ground Up

In a world brimming with endless information, standing out requires more than just expertise—it demands thought leadership and a compelling narrative. “From the Ground Up,” hosted by veteran journalist and commentator John Boitnott, is the platform that lets you do just that. Here, entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers don’t just share their ventures; they delve into their insights on current affairs, shaping conversations that matter.

Why Choose "From the Ground Up"?

Become a Thought Leader: Take advantage of a dynamic forum to voice your perspectives on global events, industry trends, and societal shifts. Move beyond the confines of your business to establish yourself as a thought leader in your domain.

Gain Unparalleled Visibility: With episodes hosted on YouTube and amplified through clips on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok), your reach isn’t just confined to a single platform. Your insights gain multi-channel visibility, enhancing your brand authority and reputation.

Multi-Format Exposure: Your participation doesn’t end with the video interview. Each episode is accompanied by an in-depth article shared across our social channels and syndicated to Apple News, extending the life and reach of your message.

Newsletter Spotlight: Extend your visibility further as your episode and accompanying article get featured in John Boitnott’s newsletter, reaching over 6,000 dedicated and engaged readers.

Who Is John Boitnott?

A seasoned journalist who has worked at TV, print, radio, and Internet companies for almost 25 years, John Boitnott brings a nuanced understanding of the intersections between entrepreneurship, technology, and societal trends. His dialogues are more than interviews; they are conversations that challenge the status quo and provoke thoughtful debate.

His resume inclused advising and creating content for a wide variety of companies and publishers, helping them build their popularity. He has also written for Entrepreneur, Motley Fool, Inc., BusinessInsider, Fortune, NBC, Fast Company, USA Today, and Venturebeat.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

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